Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gentle Defenses

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Herbs may offer an alternative to harsh antibiotic. There's no doubt that antibiotics save lives. Since their introduction in the 1940s, these powerful medications have reduced the life-threatening danger of bacterial diseases such as meningitis ( inflammation of the brain and spinal cord lining), blood infection, flesh eating strep and even anthrax. But while they're universally praised, antibiotic have a potential downside. When taken preventively or over prescribed for viral infections, such as common cold, most type of sore throats and the flu, antibiotics can cause side effects and, worse, antibiotic resistance-a serious global health concern.

Look to herbs, which can be effective and gentle alternatives to antibiotics. Several herbs interfere with and kill bacteria but simultaneously boost immune system so it can fight infection naturally. Also, herbs don't cause resistance or significant side effects, making them the natural first line of defense against many less serious ailments.

Antibiotics do not selectively kill disease-causing bacteria, they kill a variety of bacteria- the good and bad one. Antibiotic resistance is a growing worry among health professionals. This effects stems from overusing and misusing antibiotics and results in stronger bacterial strains.

Herbs, meanwhile, are gaining acceptance among western health care providers even as scientist continue to discover exactly how botanical benefit the body.
I have already mention some benefits of herbs in my past article. Just take a look for some information.

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Jan from BetterSpines said...

You are so right Silvergirl. Yes, antibiotics have saved countless lives. Unfortunately they have been over-prescribed and, worse, prescribed inappropriately, for so long that resistant bacteria are now a major concern. People are still of the belief that any illness will respond to antibiotics (anti-bacterials). They don't realise that viruses are totally different.

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