Sunday, October 13, 2013

Highly energetic

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My sister in law neighbors has been using a HGH injections for a couple years. She is healthy as the twenty five years old. For a couple years she hasn't been sick.  She is very active in their community. She always has a prescription from her physician so she can get a good quality from a pharmacy. You can even call them 24 hours a day.  She was advice from her doctor to purchase an authentic injection only because there are many imitations on the market. Don't grab any sale online on this product, since you don't know what the components of it. Be careful of the products in the pharmacy and online.

There are many benefits of this drug. She gets  a better life since her immune system is very high. She doesn't forget anything now, not before she has a memory gap.  She has a lot of suitors, because she looks beautiful and fully energetic. The bottom line, she's back on her work. Friends and relatives have been asking what she has done to her life.  She has gained more friends.  The company that sells a genuine drugs always look after for benefits of each customer.  She is so happy about her life now.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


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The weather is not good at all.  It's windy and cold. The next day it will be sunny and very warm. Now my immune system is very low.  I am not feeling well. I keep sneezing.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Maintain physical outlook

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I love reading an article about men and women with those beautiful bodies. They talk about their regimen in getting healthy and beautiful. I am so envious with their gorgeous outlook though they are already in their 50s.  How they have this amazing body? I know holywood stars and celebrity have secrets :)  I know I would not be as sexy and beautiful like them, but I am willing to maintain my physical looks and  sex appeal :)

The athlete and those who are very active in sports have a firm and lean muscle. No fats at all. They have the same body as they get older. They can even do the task when they still young. They can control their diet and does a daily routine of exercises. They are healthy!

As we grow older, there are many changes in our body.  We have to consider this fact that our body degenerate too. If we cannot accept the fact, there are many options we consider to make your body back in young age. There are many procedures that are very expensive and side effects can damage your body. If you don't want your body to be cut, there is another option to Get HGH injections.  It is the best way where you don't have to be hospitalized and get laid in the room for a day.

There are many advantages of it, But we  always after for the safety of the clients and the effects that they will feel young and youthful once again. After the procedure,  they feel their energy increase. They have a youthful miracle.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Filipina nurse inherit $60 million

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A  nurse from Capiz Pilar Philippines who inherit $60 million from her employer. She is  married to Israeli immigrant and a retired taxi driver with 3 children.

Ten  years ago she had a gift from the reclusive millionaire of $2 million to buy four properties including a family home in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, and a $500,00 holiday homes on an exclusive Jersey Shore estate.

From the will testament of  Huguette Clark, Mrs Peril will have a $30 million of property of  apartments, houses and cars such Bentley, a Humvee and 2 Lincoln Navigators  and $30 million cash.

She has been her private nurse for 20 years. S0he works with her in years 1990s. She was in New York Hospitals al for 13 years and Mrs Peril is still with her. When Mrs Clarck was moved to Beth Israel Hospital, Mrs Peril followed her and care her eight hours a day. According  to the nurse Mrs Clark is known for her generosity.

Huguette Clark, who died last month aged 104.  She spent 70 years locked away in her sprawling New York mansion, only emerging for medical appointments

RIP Mrs Clark for being generous!!
Heiress: Millionaire Huguette Clark died in a Manhattan hospital and has left a fortune to a nurse there who cared for her for more than 20 years

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Smallest houses

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Island hopping

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After lunch at Manggahan festival we decided to go the beach, its 25 minutes (riding on the public transportation), there is no taxi. We pay $0.59 each for our fare.  We did not bring swim suit, because we don’t really have planned to swim. Since we are there already we take the opportunity to go the beach. In last hour we decided to go Island hopping... so here it is:

The sand is white and the water is so refreshing!!!
see yah on my next escapade!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Summer again...

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Summer again. Everyone is busy where to go for their vacation.  The most usual place to hang out is the beach.  It’s a time for relaxation and to be with the family and friends. When you are in the beach, try to leave that stressful world and enjoy your day off.  Even in just a short period of time.

Last April 14, we went to Guimaras for a Manggahan Festival to witness some activities.  I left the house at eight in the morning, and waited my friends on the boat.  I don’t expect that there are already who fall in line to get the ticket to ride on the boat going to Manggahan.  

I will post next time my trip to one of the beach at guimaras island.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another proposed business

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My family is in very much involved in the medical profession.  My husband's family has doctors and nurses, while my own family has a doctor, nurses and some involved in other areas of the medical field too.  Soon I will have another medical family member too.  My second daughter will graduate in May with a diploma for medical technology.   With these qualifications in my family, I dream of having a hospital someday.  But running a hospital is no joke!  You will experience many headaches when you plan to set up this business endeavour.   I’m thinking realistically of a smaller type of business that it is still related to the medical field.

My sister proposed the idea of selling medical instrumentation to all the hospitals here.  Others suggested a pharmacy with hospital supplies.  Financially I can’t make it happen on my own, but with the help of the family, hopefully this will be implemented.  My sister has already researched some surgical instruments online.  She will visit the company which manufactured the different surgical instruments.  This company has all skilled workers, in order to provide the best quality and durability of each of the surgical instruments they manufacture.   They have a wide variety of medical devices which you can choose from.  From head to toe, they have instruments that really help every practitioner give the best care to their patients.

All surgical instruments have passed quality control testing.  They are confident in selling their products online; because they believe that they meet the strictest quality standards.  And best of all, they are affordable to all their clients.  If you need to see more details or talk to their customer service staff, you can visit the site.

Our local hospital supplies store doesn't have a complete range of instruments available, so they often need to refer their clients to buy the products they need in other places.  And they are very expensive in what they do well, because they are the only store that sells medical devices in the area, so they have no competition to keep the prices down.

Upon talking and emailing with my sister, we will probably work things out by next year.  We need more time to think through the pros and cons and formulate some concrete plans, and with the grace of Lord, I will build my dreams.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Low Back Pain

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During cold weather, my mom always complained of back pain, not so much with her knees and her elbow.  She did not take the prescribed medication given by her doctor, because she doesn’t want to be dependent on drugs.  This is what she believes could happen.  She tried all herbal lotions to try and ease the pain.  Still it hurts.
I’m afraid of developing this illness, and I don’t want to get it.  My mom got this, when she was 40 years old.  I know it is hereditary, that’s why before it’s too late I will be careful with my food intake and daily exercises. I am trying to take all preventative measures.

My oldest sister has back pain too. She was referred by her friends to visit Grice Chiropractic, where the doctor uses hands on alternative therapy called spinal manipulation or spinal adjustment. Let’s define what chiropractic is.  According to Wikipedia, Chiropractic is a complementary and alternative medicine[1] health care profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on general health.

Chiropractors - are doctors of chiropractic.  They are well equipped and knowledgeable in their fields. They give a free online consultation to all clients who are interested in proactive health care.  You don’t have to go to other clinics, because cranberry pa chiropractor is the best among the rest. My sister can attribute the improvement of her lower back pain and headaches to the treatment which the Grice Chiropractic team provides for her. And now she loves to visit the clinic for more improvements and hopes the pain will be gone for good.  The doctor provides the best care for each patient they have.

My sister wanted our mother to visit the chiropractic clinic and receive long term health care with the professional’s chiropractic for her arthritis.  We believed it’s not too late for her to try the alternative medicine.   Please see products here, to learn more, and you can find all kinds of details on their website.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

comfort foods

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Saturday and Sunday is a family day for me.  Stay at home and cook for the family.  I love to cook and bake for my family. Since today is Sunday, everybody is at home.  I decided to prepare macaroons for the family. It is soft and chewy inside and crispy outside. This cookie has a shredded coconut that makes more delicious. 

1 can condensed milk
4 eggs
1 pack desiccated coconut
1/2 cup of butter or more as needed
3/4 cup of sugar
Macaroons paper cups

Melt the butter first and add the whole eggs (beaten)
Combined all dry ingredient
Mix all
Scoop and put it on the molder with paper cups.
You can bake on the oven or in the toaster.
Pre heat oven to 370 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes
Bake the coconut macaroon for 20 minutes or until color turn to golden brown
Serve share and enjoy!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Viva Senor Sto. Nino!! It's Dinagyang 2013

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Hello guys :) It's nice to be back here.  I have been away for a long time. Pardon, for I am so very busy, that sometimes I could not login.  Today we are celebrating the Dinagyang Festival in honor to our patron saint of iloilo city ( Sto. Nino) Everybody are in the street to see the contest of different tribes from different town. All contest are doing their best to get the grand winner with many prizes at stake.  Here are the different tribes and scenery during the festival.






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