Thursday, June 21, 2012

Been awhile.....

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Been awhile I was away from blogosphere. There are many reasons to enumerate. My eldest daughter is away from home.  She has a board review, exams will be on September.  Hoping she will pass with flying colors.  Second daughter is in 4th year college.  My youngest is in first year taking Tourism.  And, I’m in stress with my offline work.  My mother is with me, she is 72 years old, and she is suffering from arthritis.   Having this illness is hell.  She is in pain always, when it is very cold she can’t walk really because her joint is killing her.  I don’t give her a medication for her arthritis always since it’s not good for her kidney and heart.  If she can’t tolerate anymore the pain, then it’s the time she will take her medication.  For her exercise, she does walking around our village.  She maintains her diet of,  no salt, no meat, no dairy products.  Are you suffering with this illness too?  What tips and advices can you give me?  Taking this member of the family is very tiring.  But, as long as I am healthy I will never tired of taking care of them, because they are all my precious jewels. 


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