Sunday, October 18, 2009

Most common Fears

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  1. speaking before the group
  2. heights
  3. Insects and bugs
  4. financial problems
  5. deep water
  6. sickness
  7. death
  8. flying
  9. loneliness
  10. dogs
  11. driving/riding in a car
  12. darkness
  13. elevators
  14. escalators
Fears of speaking before a group stems from fear of ridicule, of failure, of being the focus of attention. It can also result from self consciousness.
Fear of heights has any of a number of sources; fear of falling morally; an actual deficiency in one's sense of balance; childhood panic carried over into adult life, and many others.
Extreme fear of water can originate in a near drowning episode, in a deep fear of emotions ( water symbolizes emotions), or from being encouraged to swim at too young an age.
Fear of elevators or other small enclosed spaces (claustrophobia) often originates in a specific episode ( such as being locked in a closet) Sometimes it can be displaced from some long gotten experience in childhood.
There is reason for everything, and one need not fee ashamed of some apparently irrational fear.


bambie said...

great post! very informative.☺

thanks for posting this one.☺

agung said...

I think i have one of them..hehehe

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