Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Intellect and emotions

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We humans operate far more on the emotional level than on the intellectual. The intellect explain what the emotions decide, for the intellect is but a speck in an ocean of emotion.

Because we are motivated more by our feelings than by facts, you will have better relationships if you make people feel good about themselves. Let's consider more common mistakes people make that cause others to feel badly about themselves.

Criticism is very destructive. In fact, almost all criticism , no matter how carefully expressed, is perceived by the recipient as an attack. We may intend to be constructive, and even label it as that, but it nearly always feels destructive to the one being criticized.

Children desperately need to be complimented, but adults need it, too. (feels it :p) One of the deepest human needs is to feel important. People thrive better on compliments than criticism.

One should never, never criticize another person in public, or even offer a mildly disparaging remark. If you want to be genuinely loathed, practice the murderous art of demanding people in public. If someone needs to be corrected, always do it in private.

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