Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Accept Life

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Life isn't easy, as has been pointed out. No matter ever said that it was going to be easy. But it is preferable to the alternative.

Acceptance does not imply approval. We don't have to like the difficulties we encounter, but we do have to accept them as given.
There are three important steps in resolving any problem: awareness, acceptance and action. We must become aware of the problem it can be resolved. This may mean getting in touch with deeper emotions rather than denying them. Never lie to yourself about your feelings. Denial solves nothing, and it can be very destructive.

Then, we must accept the situation. This need not involve liking it. I hate some aspects of life: murder, death, violence, poverty, hunger, injustice, war and a lot of other things. But I accept them as a reality. I dislike certain aspects of my personality, but I have to acknowledge that I possess those traits.

Third, we must decide what action to take. This may involve analyzing the problem, learning discipline, laying long range plan, or seeking counsel.

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