Sunday, October 25, 2009

tell me who your friends are

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In high school, everyone eventually ends up with a group of friends who shares up with a group of friends who share similar interests. There's the brainy group that is always in the honor roll; the athletic group that is on every single varsity team; the party gals who always organize the party at school. Which group are you a part of? If you and your buds would rather talk about the newest book than the latest shade of eye shadow, then you can consider yourself more of a literary buff than a stylist. But if you can't help drifting off into your own private dream world whenever your friend starts to rave about the intricate plot points in the novel she's reading at the moment, sit up and take a notice.

Realizing that you have nothing in common with the people you spend time with says something about you and your preferences, as well. Knowing that you are with certain group for the sole purpose of lifting in, bending into the background, implies that being part of a crowd is important to you, and that you would rather go with the flow than rock the boat.

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