Monday, August 10, 2009

Total recall

Best Blogger Tips
For those who wants to improve their memory here 's the tip:
Stimulate your brain's neural circuits to grow by using your memory to the utmost. Challenge your mind, learn new skills. If you work in an office, dabble in painting. If you're an engineer, take up ballroom dancing. If you're a housewife, learn french. If you're a physician, try poetry.
Determine what is most important and concentrate on remembering them. Don't try to memorize everything.
Recite... saying ideas loud is an effective way to convert short term knowledge to long term memory.
Use mnemonic devices to help you remember a list of facts or steps in a procedure. For example, ROY G. VIV stands for all colors in a rainbow.
Take a vitamins that are essential for the proper functioning of memory like vitamins B1, B9, and B12. These are found in bread, cereal, vegetables, and fruits.
Drink enough water. Dehydration affects memory, causing confusion and thought difficulties.
Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep directly affects the brain, impairing concentration and storing of information.
Stay off the booze. Excessive alcohol intake has an extremely damaging effects on memory..Even small amount of alcohol interferes with the ability of remembering.
Don't smoke. Smoking robs the brain of oxygen, thus affecting memory.

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From the Grandma's Purse said...

Yeah! You are right here. With all these things Yoga and meditation also helps to recall.

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