Thursday, August 27, 2009

Go Ahead - Have a Gud Cry

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I cry when...
1.) hearing some bad things against my friend.
2.) someone who bug me a lot, once, i can take it but thrice is too much!!
3.) he hates me with no reason at all
4.) he is close already with me and he/she runs so fast
5.) he lies, and i heard it from someone what's the truth
6.) family probs
7.) someone is sick
8.) dad die :( i really cry for 2 weeks ( 3 years ago)
9.) my 'babe' hurt my feelings
10.) he ignore me
12.) he offended me
13.) I'm alone/sad
14.) watching drama movie
15.) i reminisce the memories with my friend who are away from me
16.) I see some street children who ask some foods from people passing by (the parents neglect them)
17.) the mother abandon her loving kids ( no heart )
Oh!! I'm so weak!! Tears really falls :( with this reason...Duz i over acting?? No!! U can see me with big smile but deep in heart I'm so weak!!
Anyway...In today's modern, hectic world, CRYING still offers one of the best form of release from tension and pent-up emotions.
People react differently to different stresses in life. Others get great comfort from shopping, eating, or exercising while others find relief in -CRYING. though its meaning may vary from person to person or from culture to culture, crying is , still, a basic emotion everyone knows. It has been described as a form of release or as a n outlet for happiness or grief.
A crying episode may be a result of emotional stress or direct eye irritation. i have read..that researchers found out that women cry five times as much as men. This can be attributed to the social taboos associated with crying. Some experts believe that a woman's openness to crying may have increased her lifespan, well as to relief us from stress :) To some, crying makes one feel better because of the perception that someone acknowledge one's feelings of distress. Well sharing some distress with others and gaining social support helps one healthier and better to fight diseases. OHHH yES!! crying triggered by sadness or emotional distress and cause headache MIGRAINE!! ( this headache is killing me ) I will not cry to avoid this migraine..but how?? coz im so weak !! dont think about it..its my probs..hehehe!!
Shedding tears not only releases a flood of emotions but acts as an effective stress management tool. DON'T miss out on the opportunity of expressing and riding yourself of tension. So, when tears start welling up-just learn to let go and have a good cry....CRYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(

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life is still beautiful

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