Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Homosexuality is Reality

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"Am I gay?, I cant be!" this is what u hear over and over from a gay who cant accept, what he is. "What other people think?.."If my parents knew, they would disown me," he will just keep it secret to himself, for exactly how long, he cant say. Many male, females, who question their identities. And they don't know how to start finding answers to their questions.
When do you say a person is gay?
Simply admiring individuals of the same sex for the qualities that they posses does not make a person les or gay. neither does being effeminate or butch in actuation. Having a homosexual orientation means that an individual has sexual preferences for someone of the same sex. This means that no matter how weak a guy may be in your eyes, if he is not sexually attracted to another guy, then he is not a gay. This preferences is usually discovered; if not freely chosen. And that is why individuals who discover these feelings in themselves feel confused. Misconception about homosexuality are varied, and all of them lead to stereotype and bias. It is a myth to say that you can tell whether a person is gay or not by their appearance or that homosexuality is a disease and that you can get contaminated associating with someone who is gay. It is also a myth that gays or lesbians are....well, gay.
The search for self
People who are confused about their sexuality will find that they have to undergo a long process of self-discovery, sometimes till late adulthood. In searching for answers, it is helpful to talk to adults whom u trust. Be open to what they say and ask all the questions you can. Another good way is to widen your circle of friends. Interacting with boys and girls alike will help in the process of self-discovery.
Why are there homosexual?
There are those who say a person is born gay, that being gay is in the genes. There are those that can say the environment of an individual dictates a person's sexuality- coz of the female dominates at home. In fact, it is an interaction of genetic and environment factors.
What happens then when you find out that you are gay? Congratulate yourself, first of all. Because you are courageous enough to face the truth. The lasting you should do is beat yourself up. Confronting your secret will set you free. There are those who decided to get married because they believed they could take on these responsibilities. The important thing is that you live in freedom because you live in truth.
I love gays...gays who are not brutal! They are feminine more like us. I know they are not accepted in the eyes of God and to some people..but what can we do? They need us to help them who they are!! They wanted to know where they belong!! They need friends.. And I'm here for them.. Why I'm so closed to them? coz some of my relatives are les and gays..And they are productive to the family.

You go, Gay friends...6 reasons why gays are a Girl's best friend
1. Shoppers Partner- Faced with a fashion emergency? They are.. i love them when it comes in fashion..they are stylish.
2. The painful Truth- Am i fat? The deadly question..NO but your sure to get some honest ( and at times harsh) opinions when asking your gay friends.
3. How sweet it is. Truly gays can be your worst enemy. But on the flip side, they can also be the sweetest friends. They are thoughtful and affectionate! And will be there to provide some tender loving care when needed. You can count on them.
4. No Competition. Love is a bit of game. In this case, gay men offer male friendships that's free from game playing. Hey your gay friend will even teach you some catty tricks and moves to lure in the guys you're eying.
5. Best of Both Worlds. Yes, they may be effeminate but it still doesn't negate the fact that they are men. Aside from freely being able to blab for hours about your heartaches and concerns with them, you'll get some perspectives from the male point of view as well.
6. The perfect gentlemen. They knows the ABC's of etiquette and proper decorum down to a T! Often well-groomed and dressed, they will also hold the door for you, offer a helping hand and even carry your things for you. nd even the greatest escort or dates in some party..
DOnt be shy!! tell the world you are GAY!! Welcome to your world!!


optimistic dora said...

wow, ur post is inspiring! yes, mganda tlaga ang company with gays, they are the best! wla'ng second na hindi ka tatawa or ngingiti!...
i salute gays, they are talented,intelligent, they can do everything!

optimistic dora said...

and yeah, someone shud be proud dat he is gay!

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