Friday, August 14, 2009

Spices part 3

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Caraway Seeds are from a plant also belonging to the parsley family. Its pungent aroma and distinctly sweet but tangy flavor is used in making rye and pumpernickel breads, as well as an ingredient in applesauce, pickled beets, sauerkraut, and squash and pumpkin pies. It is said to relieve flatulence, colic, and bronchitis. Caraway also stimulates the appetite, and can be used to relieve menstrual pain.
Cardamon is the ground seed of a tropical fruit in the ginger family. Its mild, pleasant, ginger-like flavor is used in a number of bean dishes, as well as in sweet rolls and fruit cakes. Cardamon relieves indigestion, helps stop vomiting, and helps treat colds and coughs. A nutritious broth or tea containing cardamon can prevent heartburn, encourage menstruation for women with delayed periods, relieve uterine cramps, and promote breast milk in nursing mothers.

Cayenne pepper comes from a ripe fruit in various shades of red and yellow, divided into mild and hot varieties. it piquant flavor is used for chili con carne, curries, soups, and stews. Cayenne pepper contains a natural stimulant called capsaicin, which promotes blood circulation, improves digestion, and lowers sensitivity to pain - useful in the treatment of arthritis and ither chronically painful conditions.

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