Thursday, August 20, 2009

High Risk fashion

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Tongue jewelry is one of the latest fashion accessories among young people, popularized by movie stars and singing sensations. But it's also one of the latest health risks. Tongue piercing can cause infections. allergic reactions, interfere with breathing, damage the teeth, and lead to speech impediments.

People having tongue piercing are putting not just their oral health, but their general health risk. Tongue piercing is a painful due to the thickness of the muscle and its many nerve endings. healing takes up to two weeks. Risk of infection is significant because the mouth has the highest concentration of bacteria of any body opening. Also it is not uncommon for taste to be altered following the procedure due to disturbance of the taste buds. Many people report difficulty with speech, and there is always the possibility of chipped teeth.

If people insist on having their tongues pierced, they should insure that the piercer sterilizes the equipment properly and that the stud is made of gold, surgical steel, or titanium. If you absolutely must persist in lingual lunacy, at the very least keep your tongue jewelry clean, don't wear it at night or while you're eating, and, whatever you do, don't bite down!!

What you feel having tongue piercing?


Grampy said...

I have no problem with anything that is pierced. I had one when I was younger. The problem however is the Tongue and lip ones. I just don't understand why. And I hear some private parts also. Why would you want to do this?

Doug Kueffler said...

Isn't the tongue jewelry supposedly an advertisement for proficiency in oral gratification? That was how lipstick originated, among the street women in Lebanon, advertising and attracting attention to their services.

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