Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Wishlist

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My wish list for this year is to have a work desk.  A workplace that is very comfy to work with, that you are inspired to finish your entire task for the day. My computer desk is already damaged; its leg is swinging because one of the rollers is broken. When I am typing, at the same time it is swinging, it goes when I type, and it keeps me deleting some letters. So, my 15 minutes time will take for one hour just for typing I have been looking for the best quality and affordable work desk.

Finally after some searching online, my wish list will come true soon.  I have stumbled glass computer desks, a stylish and elegant desk.  I really like it because of the quality, elegant, simple and easy to clean. The desk measurement is standard, even my niece can relax while playing online games. The shelves are designed for cpu and printers.  You can place your workplace anywhere in the house.

 Even in large company this workstation is best.  Hopefully, I can have that this year.  I am saving from my online task to make my wish list come true. My kids will surely love it also and they will use it as their study table. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Afraid of illness

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My friend who is very strong in every aspect of life, become so weak.  Yes it is true that when you discover you have illness, you become weak and hopeless. She’s the eldest and become the mother of her siblings when her mother works abroad, that was the time when she is in high school. She is always protective to her sibling’s and very loving to them.  In short she is the mother to them. She don’t really enjoy being in that stage of life because of her situation. Her father is a vendor of fish in the market, and he doesn’t have time for them. Their father is very cruel. She works abroad after she gives birth to her son. As single parent she needs to work for her son and family. She even sends her siblings in private school and gives them the comfort of life.  After 10 years working abroad, she’s back to her family for good.

Now she is so depressed because of her illness.  She is having a heavy and prolongs menstruation.  It’s been 30 days already, and she needs to visit her ob gyne. Today I accompany her for her laboratory test prior to her ultra sound. After 5 hours she get her lab test and visit back her ob gyne.  Doctor advice her for the D & C.

What is D & C? It is refer to the opening (dilation) of the cervix and surgical removal of the part of the lining of the uterus by scraping (curettage). It is refer to the procedure that involves the process of dilation and removal of the uterine contents. It is perform to the patients having an abnormal uterine bleeding, or removal of cyst on the ovary. It can be done also on the following miscarriage or abortion cases because of the fetus fails to fully empty its content  This is performed in the hospital or clinic while you are under general anesthesia.

The friend is so worried about her illness since her mother and her aunty have this too.  Her aunty develop it into cancer, since it is already stage 4 when it is discover. She worried about her son. Her mother cried when she knows it. Her son feels sad about it.  I try to lift her, not to worry at all, God is with her. She will be admitted for surgery on Thursday afternoon. My prayer and thoughts will be with her. Be strong my friend. We will be always with you.


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