Sunday, August 30, 2009

Awesome Artists Giveaway Edition1

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live breathe dream etsy will have a big giveaways, it is open worldwide, come join and get this gifts from sponsor..just click the site to enter the giveaways.. goodluck

4 of you lucky-duckies will win our awesome gift baskets brimming with free goodies.

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A set of 3 original acrylic 9'X7' posters titled "Jewels" from Jewels of India - $45
Tibetan Silver Steampunk Keys Earrings from Jewelry By Tara -$6
A surprise gift from the shop of Stacey Lee Rice -$20

Second = $51

Fun and Practical Stationery Pack from Wicked Wabbit -$30
Gift Certificate from Mary's Maids -$10
Coffee Cup Cozy from Mamta -$5

Melancholy Black Bird from Melancholy Moon -$6

Third = $45

Missing Stockings Pendant from Somnambulant -$12
Print on Vintage Dictionary Page from SpringMarie -$8

Big Button Rose Ring from JackalopeJunk -$25

Fourth = $26

Custom Tulle Ring from MadameVu -$10

Tibetan Silver Fairy Angels from Jewelry By Tara -$6

Gift Certificate from ByFaithArts -$10

Deadline will be on September 9, so hurry come and join!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

De-Stress your LIFE

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Stress management is one of the most important life skills we need to learn. Here's how to make stress work for you instead of against you.

Stress is a natural part of life. All of us, at some point in our lives, experience stress. Stress the nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it. The demand can be a threat, a challenge, or any kind of change which requires the body to adapt. The response is automatic and immediate.

Normal Reaction
The stress response is a commonly used term for the body's hormonal reaction toprotect itself against real or perceived threats; it is a normal body mechanism. The stress response results from outpouring of adrenaline, a stimulant hormone, into the blood stream. This, with other stress hormones, produce a large number of changes in the body which are intended to be protective. The result often is the fight or flight response because it provides the strength and energy to either fight or run away from danger.

Stress is the most common cause of ill health in our society . Stress accounts for about 70 percent of all visits to family doctors . It can be both physical and mental and much of it comes from the pressures of daily living. Stress can be good when it helps us perform better, or it can be bad when it upsets us or makes us sick.

One of the most important skills in life we all must learn is how to deal with stress.
Signs of stress:
  • change in appetite
  • change in sleeping patterns
  • skin outbreaks
  • shortened temper
  • change in sexual appetite
  • forgetfulness or absentminded
  • increase in smoking
  • change in weight
  • difficulty in breathing
  • trembling
  • heart palpitations
  • excessive perspiration.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Stone Necklace giveaways

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Tamera of Lilac88 has offered our readers a beautiful handmade Stone Necklace to one lucky winner! Tamera loves to design jewelry with stones, here is some of her beautiful work.

To enter the giveaways please visit Handmade giveaways.
Deadline will be on September 3.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


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DCR Creations is having a giveaways!! This beautiful handmade collection from her DCR Creations Store.

Please click her site and see how to enter the contest.

Deadline will be on September 10

Go Ahead - Have a Gud Cry

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I cry when...
1.) hearing some bad things against my friend.
2.) someone who bug me a lot, once, i can take it but thrice is too much!!
3.) he hates me with no reason at all
4.) he is close already with me and he/she runs so fast
5.) he lies, and i heard it from someone what's the truth
6.) family probs
7.) someone is sick
8.) dad die :( i really cry for 2 weeks ( 3 years ago)
9.) my 'babe' hurt my feelings
10.) he ignore me
12.) he offended me
13.) I'm alone/sad
14.) watching drama movie
15.) i reminisce the memories with my friend who are away from me
16.) I see some street children who ask some foods from people passing by (the parents neglect them)
17.) the mother abandon her loving kids ( no heart )
Oh!! I'm so weak!! Tears really falls :( with this reason...Duz i over acting?? No!! U can see me with big smile but deep in heart I'm so weak!!
Anyway...In today's modern, hectic world, CRYING still offers one of the best form of release from tension and pent-up emotions.
People react differently to different stresses in life. Others get great comfort from shopping, eating, or exercising while others find relief in -CRYING. though its meaning may vary from person to person or from culture to culture, crying is , still, a basic emotion everyone knows. It has been described as a form of release or as a n outlet for happiness or grief.
A crying episode may be a result of emotional stress or direct eye irritation. i have read..that researchers found out that women cry five times as much as men. This can be attributed to the social taboos associated with crying. Some experts believe that a woman's openness to crying may have increased her lifespan, well as to relief us from stress :) To some, crying makes one feel better because of the perception that someone acknowledge one's feelings of distress. Well sharing some distress with others and gaining social support helps one healthier and better to fight diseases. OHHH yES!! crying triggered by sadness or emotional distress and cause headache MIGRAINE!! ( this headache is killing me ) I will not cry to avoid this migraine..but how?? coz im so weak !! dont think about it..its my probs..hehehe!!
Shedding tears not only releases a flood of emotions but acts as an effective stress management tool. DON'T miss out on the opportunity of expressing and riding yourself of tension. So, when tears start welling up-just learn to let go and have a good cry....CRYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Homosexuality is Reality

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"Am I gay?, I cant be!" this is what u hear over and over from a gay who cant accept, what he is. "What other people think?.."If my parents knew, they would disown me," he will just keep it secret to himself, for exactly how long, he cant say. Many male, females, who question their identities. And they don't know how to start finding answers to their questions.
When do you say a person is gay?
Simply admiring individuals of the same sex for the qualities that they posses does not make a person les or gay. neither does being effeminate or butch in actuation. Having a homosexual orientation means that an individual has sexual preferences for someone of the same sex. This means that no matter how weak a guy may be in your eyes, if he is not sexually attracted to another guy, then he is not a gay. This preferences is usually discovered; if not freely chosen. And that is why individuals who discover these feelings in themselves feel confused. Misconception about homosexuality are varied, and all of them lead to stereotype and bias. It is a myth to say that you can tell whether a person is gay or not by their appearance or that homosexuality is a disease and that you can get contaminated associating with someone who is gay. It is also a myth that gays or lesbians are....well, gay.
The search for self
People who are confused about their sexuality will find that they have to undergo a long process of self-discovery, sometimes till late adulthood. In searching for answers, it is helpful to talk to adults whom u trust. Be open to what they say and ask all the questions you can. Another good way is to widen your circle of friends. Interacting with boys and girls alike will help in the process of self-discovery.
Why are there homosexual?
There are those who say a person is born gay, that being gay is in the genes. There are those that can say the environment of an individual dictates a person's sexuality- coz of the female dominates at home. In fact, it is an interaction of genetic and environment factors.
What happens then when you find out that you are gay? Congratulate yourself, first of all. Because you are courageous enough to face the truth. The lasting you should do is beat yourself up. Confronting your secret will set you free. There are those who decided to get married because they believed they could take on these responsibilities. The important thing is that you live in freedom because you live in truth.
I love gays...gays who are not brutal! They are feminine more like us. I know they are not accepted in the eyes of God and to some people..but what can we do? They need us to help them who they are!! They wanted to know where they belong!! They need friends.. And I'm here for them.. Why I'm so closed to them? coz some of my relatives are les and gays..And they are productive to the family.

You go, Gay friends...6 reasons why gays are a Girl's best friend
1. Shoppers Partner- Faced with a fashion emergency? They are.. i love them when it comes in fashion..they are stylish.
2. The painful Truth- Am i fat? The deadly question..NO but your sure to get some honest ( and at times harsh) opinions when asking your gay friends.
3. How sweet it is. Truly gays can be your worst enemy. But on the flip side, they can also be the sweetest friends. They are thoughtful and affectionate! And will be there to provide some tender loving care when needed. You can count on them.
4. No Competition. Love is a bit of game. In this case, gay men offer male friendships that's free from game playing. Hey your gay friend will even teach you some catty tricks and moves to lure in the guys you're eying.
5. Best of Both Worlds. Yes, they may be effeminate but it still doesn't negate the fact that they are men. Aside from freely being able to blab for hours about your heartaches and concerns with them, you'll get some perspectives from the male point of view as well.
6. The perfect gentlemen. They knows the ABC's of etiquette and proper decorum down to a T! Often well-groomed and dressed, they will also hold the door for you, offer a helping hand and even carry your things for you. nd even the greatest escort or dates in some party..
DOnt be shy!! tell the world you are GAY!! Welcome to your world!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Secret fears

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Fear is a natural human reaction to any situation or event we perceive to be threatening or harmful. Membership on the human race is frightening because it has certain non- negotiable givens. Whether we admit it or not, pain, sickness, aging, and death are inevitable realities most of us fear. That we have no control over these events only compound our fear.

The first step in conquering fear is admitting it. Several readers were brave enough to take this crucial first move. Pain is not a bad as we think it is. Pain is body's way of telling us that something is wrong with it. A world without pain would be a world without any living human inhabitants- all would have died because their bodies never gave any early sign of being afflicted with a potentially fatal illness. Of course, we must do our best to take care of our health so we don't succumb to diseases and the physical and mental pain that go with t hem.

We all fear aging not only because of the physical changes it brings (wrinkles, disease) but also because it is the ultimate reminder of our mortality. The trick to coping with aging is not to think of these changes as problems- just be aware of them.
  • to stay well, take a more active role in life than you did in the past
  • focus more on self-care than you have before
  • stay connected to other people; this will helps u feel useful
  • eat healthy diet
  • think positive
Refusing to accept our finite life span is always a losing proposition. Death is not an evil--its is essential condition of life. Death is psychologically as important as birth. Shrinking away from it is something unhealthy and abnormal which robs the second half of life of its purpose.

We need to find meaning in our lives.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Home Rennovation/Redesign Series #4- Swedish Designs Review & Giveaway

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Swedish Designs presents a line of unique designer cookwware racks that will give your kitchen stunning decor impact using your high quality cookware. All of our products are made from solid light maple and beech hardwoods by craftsmen in Pennsylvania and Indiana.

The very high quality cookware brands including, Le Creuset, Mauveil, Ruffoni, Bourgeat, Calphalon, All Clad, and others all look stunning in the kitchen with our designer racks.

Their products offer:

Protection - Our racks keep your cookware pieces separated to prevent scratching, chipping, or other damage.

Convenience - With our racks your cookware items are easy to reach without any unstacking of other pieces.

Display - Now you have the option of displaying your fine cookware in a designer setting.
Melinda Joy is having a contest for this products.. Just click her link and see how to enter, deadline will be on September 10..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen giveaways

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This is the perfect soap for dry or problem skin. Great as a facial bar or all over, this bar contains both shea and cocoa butters as well as an abundance of skin loving oils such as Olive and Rice Bran, both known for their moisturizing properties. It leaves behind a bit of your body's natural, excess oil behind to help smooth and rehydrate your skin. Leaves you feeling moisturized, not oily or greasy, while still getting you clean. It also makes a great shampoo bar.

Handmade giveaways is having some contest for this August. And I join it..
To enter just click her site..Goodluck
Contest ends on August 27, 2009 at 11:59 pm (EST). Winner will be chosen using and announced the following day. Contest is opened to worldwide!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

High Risk fashion

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Tongue jewelry is one of the latest fashion accessories among young people, popularized by movie stars and singing sensations. But it's also one of the latest health risks. Tongue piercing can cause infections. allergic reactions, interfere with breathing, damage the teeth, and lead to speech impediments.

People having tongue piercing are putting not just their oral health, but their general health risk. Tongue piercing is a painful due to the thickness of the muscle and its many nerve endings. healing takes up to two weeks. Risk of infection is significant because the mouth has the highest concentration of bacteria of any body opening. Also it is not uncommon for taste to be altered following the procedure due to disturbance of the taste buds. Many people report difficulty with speech, and there is always the possibility of chipped teeth.

If people insist on having their tongues pierced, they should insure that the piercer sterilizes the equipment properly and that the stud is made of gold, surgical steel, or titanium. If you absolutely must persist in lingual lunacy, at the very least keep your tongue jewelry clean, don't wear it at night or while you're eating, and, whatever you do, don't bite down!!

What you feel having tongue piercing?

Kindergarten Ready

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Kindergarten readiness means that your child will be able to learn that which is taught in the kindergarten he attends. It also means that your child will be able to interact effectively with the other children and the teacher in that particular school. In general, readiness is dependent on a range of academic and emotional variables.
Academically, your child is probably ready for kindergarten if he can write his name, count, recognize most letters, and demonstrate certain small motor skills, example cutting and holding a pencil properly. Your child should also demonstrate the ability to follow simple sequential directions, have articulate speech, comprehend simple stories, recognize numbers, and understand basic comparisons. Your child should be able to tell a chronological story.
Aside from these academics concerns, what are the emotional variables? these refer, inlarge measure, to social skills, or your child ability to relate appropriately to peers and the teachers. First, your child should be able to share. he should demonstrate a fundamental under-standing of and respect for other's property. It is helpful if your child demonstrate a sense of humor, and a curious approach to the world.

Given this premise, there are general guidelines to follow to help prepare your child for the big day. these includes:
  • Encouraging your child's independence. Ask him to help with simple household chores
  • Discussing similarities and differences. Which objects are the same color or size, smaller or larger
  • On a daily basis, singing songs, reading stories, and working on puzzles with your child
  • Implementing "sorting and classifying" activities into your child's daily life.
  • Helping your child 'write" letters and draw pictires to be sent by mail to a fav friends or relatives
  • Reading rhymes and encouraging 'word play" composed of simple rhymes.
  • Talking to your child about the approach of kindergarten and encouraging him to talk to you as well
The ultimate goal is that your child emerges from kindergarten with a conviction that he is worthwhile individual who enjoys learning and has positive feelings regarding school. he should become confident that he is a competent student. Those children who start kindergarten before they are able to manage its inherent responsibilities may, conversely, suffer from feelings of intense embarrassment. A sense of failure can have long-term negative effects on both the child's sense of self and his attitude about school. An a honest and careful assessment of your child's readiness can ensure that the begins his academic career when he is able to successfully master the tasks of kindergarten.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Snack Smart

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If ever there existed a Dieter's Bible, I'm pretty sure that you would be told. "Snacking is the root of all evil". As a matter of fact, health gurus through the decades have always condemned the practice of eating more than designated three meals a day. To succumb to eating in between the sacred three meals would inevitably have you banished to the kingdom of "Fatdom". How many times have you felt hungry, only to realize with dismay that the next meal is still a few hours away. So, what now? To eat or not to eat, that is the question. More often than not, what eventually happens is we end up snacking convenient, like a hamburger, only to go home and have a full dinner with the family on top of that somewhat heavy "snack". It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why we are a heavier society today.
As a solution to this health experts are now touting the term "grazing". Don't take it literally, it doesn't mean eating grass! It's actually a way of eating small, light snacks and meals throughout the day to keep you nourished and satisfied. Just ask any world-class athlete and he'll tell you that 'grazing' is what keeps his body in tip-top condition.

Hey! chin up, chump! You don't have to be a world-class athlete to eat like a pro. Us mere mortals can also make healthy snacks part of our day without gaining an ounce. This tips I have for you will have you floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.
Grazing doesn't mean that you still eat a big breakfast or a big lunch and still have snacks in between. A better approach would be to divide your main meals into a mini-meals, eaten maybe two to three hours a part.

Knowing how to have this sense of eating balance will ensure that you don't pile on the calories unnecessarily. You are simply eating your usual three meals, only broken down into manageable portions at a time for your body to handle.
First and foremost, you need to change your mindset of what snack foods should be. Going for healthy snacks is an extension of our efforts to eat healthier and more balanced meals. What's the point of having a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, only to do the opposite while having a snack? The main reason why this foods come to mind is because we're used to snacking on them as children.

To make the most of it, snack on foods that pack nutritional oomph. Choose complex carbohydrate snacks like whole-grain cereals, crackers, or breads. This will fill you up quickly, so you won't be apt to eat too much of it. have a drink as well, such as fruit juice, low fat milk, or water. Foods rich in complex carbohydrates also trigger the release of serotonin in our brain, which aids in switching off hunger pangs.

Keep snacks handy. Its a good idea to have healthy snacks easily accessible. Keep a tin of crackers or packet juices at the office. You can also keep a container in the car filled with pretzels or breadsticks.Eating snacks is not bad for you. Done the right way, it helps you stay energized and vibrant. Most importantly, it lets you stay in control of your appetite.

CLC Giveaway - Golden Lace Locket from Pangea

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Golden Lace Locket
This is a cute golden lace locket necklace !!
I join this giveaways of Yellow Goat.
So im inviting you to take part too!
Deadline: August 22, 2009
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Spices (part6)

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Cloves, dried or ground seeds from the crimson flowers of an evergreen tree, were once in as much demand as pepper. Used to season meat and baked goods, it is essential in apple desserts, gingerbread, and pumpkin pie. It also enhances the flavor of baked beans and chili, barbecue, and tomato sauces. Clove oil has long been used to ease toothache because its active ingredients is eugenol, which has a numbing, analgesic effects (it's one component of that strange smell some dentist's offices have).

Turmeric comes from the root of a member of the ginger family, and is the major ingredients of curry powder, also used in prepared mustard. More bitter than saffron, turmeric can nonetheless be used in its place for color and flavor. It is used extensively in Indian cuisine, particularly in dishes with lentils and meat. Turmeric is said to be a tonic for the liver, calms inflammation, and relieves digestive problems. It contains curcumin, which has a mechanism similar to the one involved in the pain-relieving action of aspirin, only weaker.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spices part5

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Saffron is a rare spice produces by the stigma of saffron flowers. The centers of about 75,000 flowers are needed to make a pound of this spice. It takes the form of dried brownish filamentss or an orange-yellow powder and has a pungent smell and bitter flavor. Saffron is said to help ease menstrual problems, depression, and chronic diarrhea. It also contains a blood pressure lowering chemical called crocetin-in fact, some authorities speculate that the low incidence of heart disease in Spain is due to the nation's high saffron consumption.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Spices part4

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Cinnamon is obtained from the bark of cinnamon trees, usually after they have reached seven years of age. Its sweet aroma and spicy flavor makes it a popular ingredient for a variety of cookies, pastries, and cakes. It is good for alleviating nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion, and wheezing from asthma.
Fennel seeds, like the vegetable it comes from, has a mild licorice flavor-much milder than anise. It is used in cooking fish and shellfish, some Italian dishes, in making potato salad and fresh bake breads. Fennel has been used since ancient times to treat colic and increase milk nursing mothers, and is also recommend for digestive problems like gas and diarrhea.


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