Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another giveaway!! from Gems by Jerri

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Jerri is giving away this hand made earrings to all winners.. u may like to see how to join.. this is open to all.. its not too late.. come and join!!!.. the contest will end on June 1.
Please click to direct to Jerri site.

Friday, May 29, 2009

GIVEAWAY - Win the first issue of Handknit Heroes, the knitting comic book! Free!

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Joy will having contest for this new comic heroes first issue..
How to enter: Visit Joyarna Knitblog

Deadline : June 10, 2009

Hurry and join!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

make time to eat right

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It's all too familiar :Metabolism slows and hectic careers demand more time, detracting from good nutrition and exercise. But to stay fit, you must eat wisely, and often.

Your sluggish metabolism doesn't activate until something stimulates it. So you should eat five small meals a day instead of two or three bigger ones. This will increase metabolism, burning calories more quickly.

Carry small bags of carrot sticks, celery, sliced fruits, maybe a container of precooked oatmeal to pop in the microwave or protein powder to mix and drink.

Even more important, drink water often to keep your metabolism up. Frequent hydration promotes elimination, allows optimum absorption of nutrients and maintains a feeling of fullness, suppressing the appetite. Just carry a bottle of water.. be fit!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Danger of scented candles..

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Scented candles sometimes used for aromatherapy can cause serious health problems. The chief culprits are candles with wicks made with metal cores-these candles emit lead.
Some candle makers use metal-core wicks because cotton wicks are often limp and fall over into the wax. Lead poisoning can lead to behavior changes and damage internal organs, especially the kidneys. Burning for metal -wick candles for 2 hours can result in airborne lead concentrations that pose a threat to human health. People with weak immune systems, including children and elderly, are particularly at risk...Take this advice:
  • Watch out for shiny metal wire inside the wicks of candles. Opt for pure paper cotton instead.
  • Keep wicks trimmed to one-quarter inch for more complete combustion, and keep candles out of drafts. Windiness blows more toxins into the air and causes inefficient burning.
  • Watch out for slow-burning candles with additives (these candles often feel greasy to the touch). Instead, look for pure beeswax candles, which emit less pollution.
  • For aromatherapy, put a few drops of scented oil in a defuser-a tray made to fit on light bulb. Or u can put the drops into some boiling water.
  • Don't use candles in jars when the candle leaves a soot ring on the jar's lip. The soot may be an indication of lead dust.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Coffee Time...

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Ahhh, coffee. I know plenty of people who simply cannot function during the day without having a cup of this creamy, aromatic liquid to stimulate their senses back to life. Those who suddenly stop drinking coffee usually get hit with a rude awakening-headaches, trembling hands N fatigue. The chemical that is responsible for that coffee "kicks" is actually called caffeine, which acts as a central nervous system stimulants that not only increases ur alertness, but also ur reflexes, heart rate N metabolism. Dats why U are so high after u've had ur morning cup..But too much caffeine is bad to our health.. so try to moderate it...but some take " moderate" for granted..its time for cut down ur coffee consumption...Enjoy other nutritious beverages in between N dont forget to drink plenty of water...

Sometimes back... i used to brew a pot of coffee and joyfully gallop around. topping up for 6-7 cups of coffee a day.. gosh i was addicted of it!! but time goes by..i am able to decrease my smoking weeds.. hard to geconsumption... its so hard to cut down.. but if u have determination..its easy!! its like t rid of it..


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stress, depression hinders treatment

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It is normal for a diabetic to experience a range of reactions which may include anger, denial, fear and anxiety about managing diabetes and future health. Feeling of depression may follow a loss and diabetes may mean a loss and still lead a full life. You may like to speak with a counselor or diabetic educator if u still feel depressed after six to twelve months.

Psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, and depression can have a profound effects on diabetic's ability to control blood sugar.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Food Storage

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Store raw ingredients and cooked food properly to prevent contamination.
  • Cupboards orcabinets under sinks or with pipes passing through them are not good storage places; rodents and insects have easy access to these places. Seal doors of cupboards to keep out insects.
  • Store dry goods in airtight containers and refrigerate or seal ( with cling-wrap or foil) any perishable food.
  • Transfer partially used canned foods to a plastic or ceramic container; rust formation may contaminate the food.
  • Separate frozen foods into single-use packages, in this way, you avoid taking out or thawing large just to use a small amount.
Leftover foods are very common source of food-borne illnesses because they often require storage and reheating.
  • Avoid serving leftovers to children to minimize the risk of illness.
  • Keep all leftovers in sealed containers.
  • Don't leave leftovers in the fridge for more than 2 to 3 days; they are likely to have higher bacterial content than fresh food.
  • Cool cooked food quickly and refrigerate immediately.
  • Never leave cooked food at room temperature overnight.


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