Monday, January 31, 2011

The Crowning Glory

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Just a pic:
 daughter hair, after she rebonded (one month ago)

Just Host: webhosting

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I have been searching for a reliable and secure webhosting for my blog. There are many to choose from. And I’m not yet convince of their features.  I’m looking for a cheap and fastest reliable webhosting. Reading a lot of reviews for particular web hosting,  give  me satisfaction  towards the information. It is hard to know which web hosting provider is best.  As I read about justhost ratings webhosting, they have all, what I’m looking for. I know it is hard to maintain and manage webhosting, but they have the capability to handle it. They maintain its daily back ups, to certain the data that will be restore during the event that it is lost. Meaning they maintain a round the clock monitoring system, to guarantee that the servers are running twenty four hours a day. You can host as many domains as you wish in Cpannel account. It is easy to manage your website from one place to another place with same server.  And the best for this is you have a customer’s 99.9% network uptime.  Communication with the customer is very accessible , they will be with you to entertain  your question.  They offer quality products at an affordable price.  And beside they offer a money back guarantee – demonstrating the confidence that the company has its product. Selecting a good webhosting company is like shopping for the  lowest products.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Under your skin

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Wearing sunglasses under direct sunlight: Large lenses offer good protection, but broad <a href=" arm/" class="wiki">temple arm</a>s are also needed against "stray light" from the sides.

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a major risk factor for melanoma ( a deadly form of skin cancer) The main source  of UV is sunlight.   Tanning lamps and booths are another source.  People with excessive  exposure to light from this sources have a greater  risk of skin cancer.

The amount of UV exposure depends on the intensity of the light, how long you are exposed, and whether your skin is protected.  Spending a lot of time outdoor for work or recreation  is a big risk factor. Not protecting your skin with clothing and sunscreen also increases, the risk.  People who suffer severe, blistering sunburns are at increased risk of developing  melanoma.

The risk of melanoma is significantly higher for people with fair skin.  This is due to the protective effect of skin pigment.  Those with fair skin that freckle or burn easily are at high risk. Just remember that darkly pigmented people can also develop melanoma, particularly at the palms of the hands, on the soles of the feet, under the nails, and inside the mouth.

The most important way to lower the risk of melanoma skin cancer is to avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet light by staying out of the sun.  This is particularly important in the middle of the day when ultraviolet light is most intense.  Another simple and effective way to protect yourself is to use clothing.  Keep your shirt on when out in the sun. You can use a hat with broad brim.  It is impossible to completely avoid sunlight and it is not necessary to do reduce your melanoma risk.  Sunscreens with an SPF factor of 15 or more is recommended to protect sun-exposed ares of skin.  People with fair skin and people who burn easily must  be particularly careful to use sunscreen.

Always follow physician and product directions when applying sunscreen usually wear off with sweating and  swimming and must be reapplied .
UV rays are one of the known causes of cataracts a gradual clouding of the eye lens that destroy vision.  The effects of sunlight on the eye lens are cumulative and depend on the length of time spent in the sun.  Farmers, sweepers, traffic aid  are more likely to develop cataracts sooner than office workers. Sunglasses help prevent cataracts. Sunglasses should be dark enough to block at least 75 percent of visible light.

The sun's damage to the eye doesn't stop with cataracts.  Exposure to both visible light and UV radiation is also a factor in the gradual degeneration of the retina and in sunburn of the cornea, called snow blindness. You don't have to buy an expensive sunglasses.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

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stylish+blogger+award.jpg (159×159)

My first award too for this year :) Kat of Mom's Place, gave this award  to me.  Thank you!

The Rules:

1. Thank and link back the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 great bloggers you know.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 things about me.
( since i have post some things about me in my post about my birthday if you have read it, but I will try to say more:P as if there is more. )
1.  Mother of 3 lovely girls.  We look like sister , am the eldest :P 
2. We are 4 living in our cute house. 
3. Hubby is away ( abroad).
4. I have a soft heart (pusong mamon). But tiger when I get mad :P 
5. I love purple and black.
6. I do believe of "It's better to give than to receive". More blessing to come when you share.
7. I am simple woman, i live in a simple way. 

Now, I will pass this award to:
Nina of  Ask Ms Recipe
Winchester of Flowing Rythms
Jamie of Comatised
Long Road Ahead of Long Road Ahead
Denesa of Parent Times

Have A Great day!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Good thing to make you warm

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They said, only country with winter climate can wear snuggie. Unfortunately as long as you feel cold you can wear when you lounging at home to keep you warm. This month of January is very cold, and I am thinking of designer snuggies. They invent a comfortable blanket with sleeves, which you hands can move freely. It is very convenient to have especially on those cold nights. Snuggie is a great gift for every one.
dating-a-snuggie.jpg (280×280)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh Rats!! It's My Birthday!

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 Yes, It's my birthday today( Jan. 22 ), and as if to confirm the fact that I am indeed older! Life begins at 40! Do I sound excited? No! Yes,  I am!. W0o0T!!!

I am an Aquarian.  This is my person ality (from

     Aquarius Personality:

Aquarians present themselves in one of two ways. One on hand, you’ll see someone who is shy, and quiet. On the other, an Aquarian can be boisterous, eccentric, and energetic. Both are deep thinkers with a love of helping others. Highly intellectual, this is a sign of fierce independence that prizes intuition tempered with logic. Both personality types have an uncanny ability to see both sides of an argument without prejudice, making them excellent problem-solvers. While very much attuned to the energies around them, Aquarians have a deep need to take time out alone and away to rejuvenate themselves. The keyword for this sign is imagination. The Aquarian can see a world of possibilities even when there appears to be none.

There are so many people I'd like to thank. I have been lucky to have amazing parents who love me very much. Since I am the youngest, all attention is with me.hahaha! My 3 lovely daughters who give me strength. Who inspired me everyday!

Birthday is time for celebration, but it is also a time of reflection. We consider how well we've meet our goals and wonders if we did the right thing in our lives. Not all my goals was meet, because of some reasons and time.

Things I've learned:

  1. Give the best quality to your parents because they wont stay longer.
  2. Best friend is your best enemy.
  3. Karma comes when you done something bad to others.
  4. Spend one day to glorify your God (go to church)
  5. Ten minutes prayer to thank God everyday.
  6. Better to give than to receive, coz more blessings to come
  7. Don't count the egg while it's hatching.
  8. Chewed the food well, don't swallow it you will be choke.
  9. No matter how much I care to others but they don't care at all
  10. It takes years to build trust.
  11. Praise the works of your kids
  12. Hugs and kisses heal the day.
  13. There's a gift in every lesson of life.
  14. There is no end of learning.
  15. Keep dreaming.
  16. Crying is the best response.
  17. Your life is your creation.
  18. Always say thank you.
  19. Dinner with my children is always the best moment, because they shared what happen to their school
  20. Spend 30- 1 hour with your kids, by talking, sharing ideas.
  21. Sharing my childhood moments with my kids.
  22. Don't talk others when they are in bad mood.
  23. Watch tv with kids ( though you don't watch those tv show)
  24. Life can be change in a matter of hour.
  25. Communication and trust each other (couple)
  26. Eat plenty of vegetables
  27. Coffee makes my day.
  28. Don't eat full at night.
  29. Ice cream makes everyone feels better
  30. Always have a check list on what to buy
  31. Buy for the basic needs not to buy what you want
  32. Always have emergency meds in your cabinet.
  33. Plan the day ahead of time.
  34. Cook the leftover foods, don't throw it.
  35. Organize stuff in the house.
  36. Finish your household chores before sitting in front of your puter
  37. Take 20 minutes exercise everyday
  38. Collect coupon and grab some 'sale" items
  39. Used the reusable bag for your grocery
  40. Love and to be loved
  41. Get life, live for your life.. 
Things to do ( on the next year to comes)
  1. Pamper my self 
  2. Change my hair color, because of gray hair (LOL) since highschool i have this gray hair.
  3. Diet ( i love chocolate)
  4. Eat balance diet.
  5. Exercise ( walking  with kids) if I'm not lazy:P
  6. Get back to a more ideal weight and maintain it.
  7. Proud mother ( eldest dau will be graduated next year as a Med Tech)
  8. Full support to my 3 lovely daughter. 
  9. Eldest will proceed to be a doctor ( hopefully)
  10. Surgery of my youngest dau dermoid cyst in her jaw( near adam's apple)
  11. Medical Laboratory for my (Fbs, creatinine, lipid profile) always forget :P
  12. Two of my kid will be graduated from college and highschool ( need to work hard)
  13. House renovation
  14. Need some lip gloss or lipstick ( this is what i have said to Mhel blog)
  15. Save for the future
  16. Save energy as well
  17. Off all appliances when it is not used, be sure to unplug it
  18. Count every penny
  19. Get another dog ( I give my dog last 3 months ago :p) 
  20. Spend more time to my relatives and friends
  21. Get to know more online friends
  22. Work less and have more fun.
  23. Read books on my bookshelf
  24. Watch the top100 films
  25. Join more giveaways 
  26. Increase earnings online
  27. Do charity, by giving some old books of kids, old clothes etc.
  28. Participate in some community outreach
  29. Break my self in unhealthy emotional habits ( like eating sweets, buying of useless)
  30. Work efficiently and stay focused
  31. Cut off sweet foods and go with green foods ( veggies)
  32. Eat oatmeal during breakfast
  33. Clean my table every time i will leave (work table)
  34. Take my vitamins at least 3 times a week ( always forget)
  35. Minimize canned foods
  36. Visit relatives
  37. Wish for my sister fiancée visa will be granted
  38. Control temper
  39. Take care my plants
  40. Happy family
  41. Enjoy life to the fullest.
To those friends who always visit me and leave message, you don't know how much i love reading those.. Thank you.. To all who having it's birthday today.. wishing you the best!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Diaz Family Spot Blog Giveaway

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Dhemz of The Diaz Family Spot is having another giveaway, sponsored by CSNStore.COM. 

For more details please check here.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Ti Amo Diamond Giveaway

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For more details please visit  Here.  This giveaway will end  March 30, 2011. It's an International.

Could it finally be jobs for people of Los Angeles?

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 Are the unemployment clouds finally parting for the Los Angeles job market? Are rays of paychecks finally starting to shine through? We think so. You may remember from a previous article we outlined the top 5 best Los Angeles job options in the current economy. During the research for the article we came across a company called 323Writing. Intrigued, we wanted more information and here’s what we’ve found.

Calling Downtown Los Angeles home, 323Writing manages content creation for hundred of websites, review blogs, and news sites. Covering topics like LA restaurant , shopping, movie premiers, celeb sightings, etc, 323Writing offers LA residents with a passion for writing to contribute while earning what could potentially be a pretty hefty paycheck. There it is, a neat concept in our opinion. More info can be found at

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Improve your future by looking at the Past

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Many couples would get along more be  if they understood each other's history more. The truth is, what you are today is the sum total of all your past experiences, including even your family history.  By sharing your past with your partner, you give him the opportunity to see where you're coming from and why you react the way you do.

Set an unhurried date to share your past with one another, you can have a candle light dinner at the house when the child is sleeping.  Share your memorable childhood experience. A traumatic event in your life or the saddest moment  of your life. All experience of your life that your partner need to know.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Len Penzo dot Com Is Giving Away $100

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Do you want $100 ? I read this giveaway from Lee blog, (Earn Money Online). But it takes 2 days to join :P  Len Penzo is having a $100 giveaway to his reader.

This giveaway will end on February 4, 2011. You have still time to join!!! Hurry try your luck.
Mechanics is so simple:
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Contact lens

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Second daughter is wearing an eye glasses for 2 years now.  Her doctor suggest that she can wear contact lens when she reach at the age of 18.  Bausch & lomb has the best quality when it comes to contacts. They have the biggest collection of discounted lenses. Everything about kind, styles and brand, they have it for our best. They also cater how to take care the lenses and the eye of the client.

Logo Design

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My daughter is having hard time  with her projects. When exams is approaching, she has many projects coming too and even she can't study well. Sometimes she just have few hours to sleep. And I hate it, because she looks haggard and stress out. She has one project that is due this Tuesday, and she really focuses her time with this. Making  logo is very tough works, you need to make it that will coincide with the company.  The color and its design will should attract customers. Now you don't have to be fuzz in making some attractive logo, because Logo Design Companyhas all its best to provide every one.  Professional designer are working its best with great quality of logo. They have been online to help businesses to create a good impact.  They always design to strengthen the image of the company,  that it will stand up in the crowd. They give the one of a kind logo that is guaranteed to be superior quality. They even provide a good customer service for the benefits of customer.  With the Logo Design Company, you actually put in your faith and trust and expect the best.  And they upfront satisfaction in logo design services they offer.  Daughter will not takes time in making her logo with this company. Now she can relax a little bit and study again.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Parents life.

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To some parents, taking care of the child or more so, children, is a difficult challenge. Indeed, although a child is considered the most precious member of the family, parents sometimes find themselves at a loss when their sons or daughters become sick or display behaviors that one does not see in supposedly normal children.  But child care is not such a dilemma for parents.

Parents should be aware of anything and everything about the child behavior or it physical condition.  If you aware you would instantly know if something is wrong with the child, and you could take the appropriate actions to deal with the problem or seeking some medical help if necessary.

Career mother stop from working just to be with their children. They wanted to watch them growing.  And give the best what they can give. They try to give the best quality time for the children.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Top Dropper of December.

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Thank you very much for visiting me, tho I don't visit you back in Christmas til new year,  because I was in vacation. Now I'm back !! I will visit you again.


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