Friday, July 31, 2009

Life, life we make it... feel the real happiness

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Smiley. by Lisamorgan.

If we're unhappy, its because life is not as we want it. Life is not matching our expectations of how it "ought" to be and so were unhappy.
So we say, I will be happy when.... Well, life is not perfect. Life is about being exhilarated, frustrated,sometimes achieving and sometimes missing out. So long as we say I will be happy when....., were deluding ourselves.
Each one of us has a decision to make ur life a real one..So?? we have so long on this planet. Lets make the most of it.
I think...In order to be happier, in order to get more out of life, U dont have to go and change the world,,coz the world is already beautiful
but rather..Change ur self!!
The world is not perfect. The degree of our unhappiness is the distance between the way things are and the way ought to be.If we cease to
demand that things be perfect, the business of being happy becomes easier...We will be happy anyway!! well the secret to be happy is....BE HAPPY :)

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Facts about insect repellents

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Repellents are not insecticides. They do not kill insects and pest; they only repel them. The first insect repellents. just like medicines, were found in nature. However, such natural repellents had several disadvantages: they usually have very weak repellent effects that only acted on mosquitoes; they had a very short period of action which could not be lengthened by mixing with other substances; and they had a relatively high risk allergy. hence, scientist had to research for a more effective and safe repellent. Mosquito repellents have been widely used by consumers in the Philippines. However, such mosquito repellents usually have unpleasant smell. Fortunately, some companies has gone a step further by having triple lipid complex which help bring back the skin's natural lipid protection washed away soap. You not only get protection from mosquitoes, your skin gets moisturized., too!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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Another filipino who won!!!

Kimverly Molina bested among international contenders as she won the WCOPA 2009 in the senior vocals category. She represented Saudi Arabia as she and her parents, both Filipinos was based there. The 18 yearl-old girl stand out among five contestants from two other Pinoys,Russia, Malaysia and Sweden.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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Chocolates contain substances called flavonoids that helps maintain a healthy heart and good blood circulation. Scientists believe that flavonoids reduce the risk of heart diseases by preventing blood clots in your arteries. These blood clots may lead to a heart attack. These healthy flavonoids, eating chocolates also increases the body's ability to produce antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that protect our cells from chemicals that may damage them.
But don't start eating all the chocolates that can get your hands on, because too much of everything is also bad. SO? eat moderate... And don't forget to brush your teeth afterwards, or you may end up with tooth decay! blehhhhh LOL :P


Monday, July 27, 2009

Dealing with Impotence

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Impotence has different meanings for different people. For men or medicine, it is the inability
to achieve or maintain erection; they call erectile dysfunction (ED). For the average lay person. it's when a man "cant get up". But for the more than 100 million men afflicted with the disorder, impotence is simply a curse.
Emotional factors often compound the problem of impotence. Self-esteem is tightly intertwined with virility. Men with impotence frequently think, "If i can't have normal sex with my partner, I'm a failure as a man and a lover" or "Will she leave me if I don't satisfy her?" A common male knee-jerk reaction to avoid the emotional pain is to make excuses or avoid sexual situations with their partners-a desperate attempt to forget the problem. As a result, the woman feels rejected and inadequate within the relationship. She may think, "he no longer finds me attractive" or "Is he having an affair?"
Without meaning to, couples create additional problems of anxiety, depression, grief, embarrassment, anger, shame, and frustration on top of impotence.

To achieve and maintain an adequate erection, three conditions must be fulfilled:
  • a certain amount of lust
  • s good inflow and outflow of blood
  • a properly functioning nerve supply
The penis contains three cylinders of erectile tissue with a network of blood vessels controlled by the spinal nerve. During an erection, the penis becomes filled with blood as the vessels dilate (widen) to allow increased blood flow. Muscles around the vessels contract and prevent blood from leaving, thus maintaining the erection. To ensure good blood supply, several blood vessels run towards the erectile bodies and dense web of small nerve fibers ensure the opening and closing of the right vessels during erection. In very young boys, erections may occur for no obvious reason at all. For young men, erection can achieved almost at will, in fact even while sleeping. But as men get older, the likelihood of impotence increases. impotence is most common male sexual disorder.
Many men -Asian men, in particular-still believe that impotence is a normal part of aging or is 'all in the head'. But impotence is usually not a normal consequence of aging. "It is more likely the result of medical problems that occur at a greater rate as a man ages," psychologist said. Impotence is frequently the first sign of cardiovascular disease, or it may be the first sign of diabetes.. other physical causes of erectile dysfunction includes:
  • disease of the erectile tissue of the penis
  • pelvic trauma and surgery
  • chronic disease
  • spinal cord injury
  • hormonal abnormalities
  • side effects of certain medications
  • alcoholism and drug abuse
  • heavy smoking
Psychological causes:
  • stress and anxiety from work and home
  • worry about poor sexual performance
  • marital discord
  • felling of anxiety and guilt that originated from childhood
  • unresolved sexual orientation
  • depression
BE A MAN, see a doctor!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Second payment !!!

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Wohoooooo. I got my 2nd payment from Entrecard!!
I get my 1st payment last June 28.. I will take more time in dropping EC..
Thanks Entrecard..

Why Women live Longer

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Just check out names of people who have lived-or are still living beyond 100 in the last few years. A quick look of the Guinness book of world records and the world's population figures will easily attest to a phenomenon now referred to a "feminization of aging". Edna Parker Oldest Living Person (114 years and 115 days) 105-year old Edith Gulliford (UK) as the Oldest Bridesmaid. French woman Jeanne Calmet, she died at the age 122 in 1997.

In most Asia-Pacific countries alone, more than half of the people aged 60 and above are females. Elderly woman from South Korea and Japan lead the pack, comprising 59 and 56 percent of their senior population, respectively. They are followed closely by women from Australia (55 percent), Indonesia 54, and Malaysia and the Philippines 53 percent. Feminization of aging, according to the United nations, is the trend women outliving men by an average of seven years, giving rise to health problems and issues specific tothe female gender.

But that women live longer than men is as much true today as it was during the early centuries. The only difference now is that the average life span then until around the 1800s was never more than 30 years years. by the turn of the 20th century life expectancy rose to around century-another milinnium-just turned again, average longevity is pegged at 76.

Why women outlive men is due to various biological and social factors. First and foremost among biological factors is estrogen, the female hormone, which help protect women, atleast until menopause, from certain diseases. For instance, estrogen helps remove damaging blood fats and prevents blood clots that lead to heart disease. Testosterone, the male sex hormone, does the opposite. Recent studies also suggest that estrogen helps to protect brain cells and prevent neurodegenerative diseases associated with aging.

Body shape may also be factor. The paunch that men develop maybe a more dangerous kind of fat than the excess fat women accumulate around their thighs and hips. For some reasons scientist have yet to explain, women's immune systems are also stronger than men's. Even as babies, women are more resilient than men.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Parent- kid trouble

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what to do what to do by beyondthesparkle.

Kid trouble are common and they present parenting challenges that may trigger conflict. Learn to communicate closely with kids.

Annoying habits are usually harmless and are means to comfort themselves. Fatigue, anger, overstimulation, hunger, a need for attention or a sense of control are the usual concerns and insecurities of your child. Establish behavioral conditions with love and seek professional help when necessary.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Biting ( disturbing behavior part6)

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Most biting episodes occur between the ages of 13 and 30 months. During this stage, children are not able to verbalize their feelings. They react to stimulus differently.

Biting can be a reaction for extreme stress and is not a cause for concern. By the age three, the child should be able to handle aggressive behavior.

Emphasize to your child that biting is prohibited. Explain in a way he or she understands, that biting can cause pain. Never laugh when your child bites. Instead calmly point out that such behavior is inappropriate. If biting occur, do not overreact and quickly pull your child away from the scene. Give him or her a time out and make sure that the behavior is not rewarded. Do not punish the child with another aggressive behavior, such as hitting your child or biting back.

Model appropriate behavior at home. teach your child how to express himself. Praise him or her or use reward system ( star or a sticker) to reinforce appropriate behavior. If biting occurs repeatedly despite behavioral adjustment measures, discuss with your prdiatrician or developmental specialist.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nose picking (disturbing behavior part5)

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Nose Picking by *Hayley Bopp*.

Children aren't conscious of their behavior in public. They pick their noses whenever and wherever they are. nose picking is a habit that appears during childhood. But sometimes, it remains until adulthood as evidence by a 1995 study. It showed that 91 percent of adults picked their noses on a regular basis.

Gently tell your child that nose picking in public isn't nice. In most cases, he or she isn't aware of it. Signal your child each time he does it to make him sensitive of his actions.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Head banging ( Disturbing Behavior part4)

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It is naturally distressing for parents when they see their child banging his or her head. But experts say that this behavior stops naturally. Kids bang their heads to release anger or tension.

Head bangers are highly sensitive to sound and often have musical ability. They are likely to have temper tantrums and are frequently poor sleepers. Also, personal traits such as being energetic, neat, ritualistic, and physically cautions have been observed.

To stop the head banging, gently pick up the child and comfort him. Do not focus on the behavior. Do not scold or punish the child or give undue attention to him.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Behavior Disturbances part3

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If you have a daughter, take heed. Most children who twist, stroke, or pull their hair are girls. From early childhood to adolescence, she may develop habitual hair stroking or pulling. Hair pulling is more common among one to two year-old girls and rarely occurs after age 4.

Child development expert say that this particular habit can develop into an aggressive stint when your child feels stressed out or conscious. It is usually associated with the child's attempt to regain feelings connected with close contact with her mother's body or clothes.

To avoid tangled knots in her hair, try to trim or cut her hair short. Sporting a bob cut won't make her twirl her hair. remove tension sources to stop the behavior. But remember: try to stop it abruptly and harshly and this will make the habit worse.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nail biting

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Between the ages of three and six, watch out for any signs of fingernails biting or cuticle picking as this is when nail-biting starts. Other studies say that about 40 percent of children between ages five and 18 nibble fingernails and a fraction-toenails. Both boys and girls are likely to develop the habit during the early years. But when they start to mature, its the boys who are likely to be fixated.

No matter how annoying the habit becomes, never ridicule or punish your child. Withhold your negative comments. Parents should avoid calling attention to the mannerism. Look for pressures or stresses in your child's life that you can help lessen. Also, the discomfort, bleeding, and pain from nail-biting will probably make your child stop the habit on his or her own.

Commercial preparations are available to help your child overcome nail biting. Apply these over-the-counter, bitter-tasting substances on your child's nails. Every time your child unconciously nail bites he or she will be reminded not to chew on his or her nails. This has a relatively low success rate. But if your child is really keen on beating the habit, it may be just as effective as other methods.

Allow your female child to use nail polish. In that way, she will be more conscious of good grooming and appearance. Always praise your child. Use a reward system to reinforce the new habit.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Disturbing behavior part2

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After age one, thumbsucking turns into a psychological need or a learned habit, according to expert.
Generally, thumbsucking helps children cope with and adjust to a broadening environment. Some psychiatrist speculate that a strong attachment to the mother brings about thumbsucking. In some cases, it is thought to offer safety and comfort, like that of a mother substitute. Help your child overcome thumbsucking by calmly talking about it. Explain why he or she should stop the habit. Show your child what changes it may bring like gaps in between teeth or the wrinkled skin on the thumb. Make use of harmless peer pressure ( a child who plays in a grouo of non-thumbsucker would learn to gradually lose the habit). Try putting a band-aid on the thumb or a sock over his or her hand at night. Give an incentive each time he or she displays the behavior you want. Never ridicule your child. Be patient as it may take a long time before he or she overcomes this habit.
If your child continues to thumbsuck until preschool, don't worry. Study suggest that about 30 to 50 percent of preschoolers suck their thumbs. It usually disappears by age 4 to 5. Also, it does not pose a serious problem expect when the child sucks intensely, is older than five, or when he or she begins to grow the set of permanent teeth. Often times, children just find it hard to break the habit.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Disturbing behavior

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Don't let your kids' bad habits get on your nerves. relax, bite your tongue, and keep your cool.
Kids will always be kids. They will amuse you, amaze you sometimes, annoy you with their habits. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your child go through episodes of distressing mannerism and tics-thumbsucking, nail-biting, hair pulling, nose picking, head banging, and biting. But habits are habits-they're hard to form and even harder to break. Give your child enough time and an ample dose of understanding and patience, soon enough he or she will outgrow these behaviors.
The exact mechanism by which habits are formed are still unclear, experts admit. What is known is that it is a learned behavior that gives a positive outcome. A habit is a strong behavior pattern that is repeated over and over again that the child is usually unaware of. It can develop any time but are primarily visible in the ages of 2 1/2, 3 1/2 and 5 1/2. In most cases, the child overcomes the habit or behavior as he or she matures.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

You make me complete

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you're the one that never lets me sleep
to my mind, down to my soul you touch my lips
you're the one that i can't wait to see
with you here by my side i'm in ecstasy
i am all alone without you
my days are dark without a glimpse of you
but now that you came into my life
i feel complete...
your love is like the sun
that lights up my whole world
i feel the warmth inside
your love is like the river
that flows down through my veins
i feel the chill inside.....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My top 10 Dropper for June

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Metallman's Reverie 22

Thank you so much for dropping EC =)
Thank uu soooo much to all of you, who keep visiting me..
and to those who are not in the list; Thank you for dropping by...

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