Monday, September 9, 2013

Filipina nurse inherit $60 million

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A  nurse from Capiz Pilar Philippines who inherit $60 million from her employer. She is  married to Israeli immigrant and a retired taxi driver with 3 children.

Ten  years ago she had a gift from the reclusive millionaire of $2 million to buy four properties including a family home in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, and a $500,00 holiday homes on an exclusive Jersey Shore estate.

From the will testament of  Huguette Clark, Mrs Peril will have a $30 million of property of  apartments, houses and cars such Bentley, a Humvee and 2 Lincoln Navigators  and $30 million cash.

She has been her private nurse for 20 years. S0he works with her in years 1990s. She was in New York Hospitals al for 13 years and Mrs Peril is still with her. When Mrs Clarck was moved to Beth Israel Hospital, Mrs Peril followed her and care her eight hours a day. According  to the nurse Mrs Clark is known for her generosity.

Huguette Clark, who died last month aged 104.  She spent 70 years locked away in her sprawling New York mansion, only emerging for medical appointments

RIP Mrs Clark for being generous!!
Heiress: Millionaire Huguette Clark died in a Manhattan hospital and has left a fortune to a nurse there who cared for her for more than 20 years

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Smallest houses

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