Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wipe out !!

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I read this joke upon drinking my coffee yesterday.. And i would like to share with you too.

A woman was unhappy with the way her laundry was done at the local laundry , so she wrote a not and put it in the bag with the next collection of soiled clothes: "Use more soap on panties!" She got the clean laundry back, and was still dissatisfied with the results, so the following week she enclosed another note: "Use more soap on panties!" The laundryman became annoyed, and when her clean laundry was delivered, it contained a note from him: "I use plenty soap on panties!!! Use more paper on ass!!! hehehe


rohini said...

LOL..good one :)

klivengood said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!...good one..thanks for sharing.

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