Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rx for Heart Attack patients: fish oil

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Doctors are prescribing fish oil supplements for patients who have had a heart attack in the previous three months, unless they eat oily fish two to four times a week. The single gram, one a day treatment will be prescribed for life. The omega -3 fatty acids found in oily fish like salmon cut cardiac deaths by up to 43 percent. Study shows that eating fish just once a week can reduce the incidence of sudden cardiac death by 52 percent probably due to fish oil's ability to prevent arrhythmias. Cholesterol meds and implanted devices are norm- but it should be omega-3 instead. Some doctors don't encourage their patients to take the heart-healthy supplement. Instead, they usually recommend expensive and invasive treatments such as implantable defribrillators or pills to lower cholesterol.


TheEclecticElement said...

I took cod liver oil and fish oil for awhile and let me tell you...IT'S A MIRACLE!
Seriously, everyone should take a small spoon of fish oil a day :)
Now will they do it? That's another story entirely.

turisuna said...

My mom told me to eat fish oil because at that time I was too thin, and now it works more than it should be ... I turn to be a chubby woman lol

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