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Make the most of your looks.... whatever your age!

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At the age of 20s:

By the your 20s, your skin should be looking its best-firm and supple, with few lines or signs of aging. Any spots of acne you had as a teenager would normally be clearing up. The normal changes of adolescence, which made your oil and sweat glands work overtime, should be settling down, but you may still find you have greasy hair. Puppy fat usually disappears as you enter your 20s and you develop a more womanly figure all too often a pear shaped one! This is when you may first notice the puckered "orange-peel" skin of cellulite on hips and thighs.

Get your beauty routine sorted out- it can make a difference sooner than you think. Too much sun, for example can add years to the way you look, so always use moisturizers with sunscreens.
treat greasy hair with mild shampoo. Perms have a drying effect on the hair and you may need conditioner to stop yours getting too dry and brittle. Improve the texture of your skin with regular scrubs and massages. If your nails are bitten and ragged, give yourself a regular manicure to neaten cuticles and keep surrounding skin smooth and neat. Carry an emery board with you and file any snags-before you attack them with your teeth.

At the age of 30s:

By your early 30s the first lines have appeared-usually around the eyes, on your forehead and between the brows- and they'll be deeper if you smoke or sunbathe. Shadows under the eyes will be more noticeable now. And if you're overweight, your jawline could sag, leading to double chin. Because your skin's also becoming dryer, and lines and wrinkles will look worse, although dryness by itself doesn't cause wrinkles.
hair should be in peak condition, especially if you bloom during pregnancy. But you may have first few grey hairs. Having children often improves hair and skin, but can also put on weight that's hard to shift and you can end up with varicose veins and stretch marks. Also, you may notice your burn and your bum and your boobs start to sag, especially if you don't exercise! So keep a close watch on your weight.

Use lots of moisturizer to plump up fine lines. Concealer helps hide shadows under the eyes, and you'll find blusher a godsend if you're looking tired. Hide the odd grey hair under a semo-permanent colourant. Keep control of your weight with a low fat diet and exercise regularly to tone the buttocks, inner thighs, upper arms and breats. Remember, going braless will make your boobs sag even sooner.

At the age of 40s:

By your 40s, any lines you have are deeper and turning into wrinkles. Your skin's probably drier and your pores look bigger. The bags and shadows under your eyes are more noticeable, your lips are losing some fullness and your neck is looking crepey. if you're inclined to get a double chin, it's more obvious now. Your skin is less elastic and has depressing habit of following gravity and drooping above the eyelids and jaw. If you've been a sun-worshipper, the effects are obvious now but its not too late for you to notice a difference if you give it up. Your hair is greyer and feels drier and coarser. This is when bunions can start to distort the shape of your feet if you haven't looked after them. Women are twice as likely as men to have foot problems because we wear fashionable rather than comfortable shoes. Your body is beginning to change shape because hormone levels drop as the menopause approaches and your metabolism shows down. Everything you use, including cleanser, suncare-even make-up should be rich enough to replace the oils lacking in your skin. Rethink your make up every five years as your colouring changes. Cover greying hair with a tint that's lighter that the clour your hair used to be, because your skin colour will also have changed. if your hair was dark at 25, a mid brown is more flattering at 45. And dont be tempted to cut short as a short haircut shows up flaws at your neck and chin.

At the age of 50s:

By your 50s, your face reflects five decades of thoughts and feelings in its expression lines and folds. it should still feel soft and supple, but it's now thinner and looser. It might sag around the eyes and between the nose and mouth, and have folds at the nape of the neck. Your eyes have probably become more long sighted. Unfortunately, your magnifying spectacles also magnify under eye bags and wrinkles. And lower hormone levels often cause more facial hair. You may have age spots-or liver spots on your hands. Theyre generally harmless, but consult your doctor if they change size, shape or colour. Your feet may be prone to dry, scaly skin, as well as corns and calluses caused by years of wearing ill-fitting shoes. Also, your toenalis may be looking thicker and more yellow. Make up can take years off you. use a light hand and damp sponge to put on a fine layer foundation. Avoid black mascara, frosted eyeshadows and bright colours as they'll make you look older. The skin on your body is noticeably drier by now, so avoid long, hot bubble baths. Use the shower more, or make your own cleopatra style milk baths with a cup of milk and capful of oil-great for relieving the itchiness of dry winter skin.

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I'll be turning 30 in a few weeks, and reading your post is just in time! I need all the tips I can get... thanks for sharing :)

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