Thursday, November 12, 2009

When quitting means winning

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Giving up cigarettes is a frightening thought for many smokes. Non smokers who have never picked up the habit, find this hard to understand. Quitting smoking takes courage, conviction, and untold amounts of family patience and support. Smokers may quit many times before they quit for good. relapses should not be seen as failures.
Try this method for quitting:

  • At once (cold turkey). Going cold turkey means to stop smoking completely on a certain date. This is the method that work best. Most ex-smokers, especially those who were addicted to nicotine, quit smoking this way. You should try this method first. Go on with other method if this doesn't work with you.
  • Gradually This can be done either by the postponing or the reducing method. erither way, you should start smoking fewer cigarettes 7-14 days before you quit date. On your quit day, you shouldn't be smoking at all. The postponing methods means that every, you delay the time you smoke your first cigarette a little later until you can go through the whole day without smoking. You can also delay lightning up by a few minutes, each time you have an urge to smoke until you can do without that cigarette completely. The reducing method may mean smoking fewer cigarette each day until you are no longer smoking at all. Use a tally sheet to help you decide which cigarettes to cut out first. The reducing method can also mean smoking less of each cigarette everytime you light up, for example, only finishing half of a quarter before putting it up.
  • Nicotine replacement therapy. The use of a nicotine patch can help lessen withdrawal symptoms experienced when you quit cold turkey. The nicotine in the patch passes through the skin into your body to help reduce your urge to smoke, This allow you to concentrate on dealing with the other aspects of smoking. Nicotine replacement theraphy is also available in other forms like gum, nasal spray, lozenge, and inhaler. The overall dose they provide is typically only one third to half of that from cigarette. This coupled with the absence of toxic tar and harmful gasses of cigarette smoke, gives them reassuring safety profile. Nicotine replacement theraphy is available only on prescription, soa sk your doctor for advice.


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