Saturday, July 25, 2009

Second payment !!!

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Wohoooooo. I got my 2nd payment from Entrecard!!
I get my 1st payment last June 28.. I will take more time in dropping EC..
Thanks Entrecard..


Ram Bansal, the Theosoph said...

Congratulations until the next June. You are dealing with bullies.

Stacie said...

Entre Card just recently stopped cashing out points for cash. Not sure if you heard that. I have no idea what we are to do with our points now. Totally stinks!

maggie said...

at least you got a second, most of us only had their first, some even none up to now.

and yeah, stacie is right ziprunner will terminate the cashout program as they're gonna stop the paid ads too.

shaine said...

Congrats sis! I never receive any cashout yet and as they said that cashout program been terminated already.

levy said...

good for you! haven't received mine yet, and it's already a month.

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