Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nose picking (disturbing behavior part5)

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Nose Picking by *Hayley Bopp*.

Children aren't conscious of their behavior in public. They pick their noses whenever and wherever they are. nose picking is a habit that appears during childhood. But sometimes, it remains until adulthood as evidence by a 1995 study. It showed that 91 percent of adults picked their noses on a regular basis.

Gently tell your child that nose picking in public isn't nice. In most cases, he or she isn't aware of it. Signal your child each time he does it to make him sensitive of his actions.


shaine said...

Actually i still have that kind of behavior till now, but i have control to do in the public. I did it only when I'm watching TV.
Not only that, I have this mannerism of scratching my scalp and back, sometimes my face.

I'm trying to stop myself specially with my face. bad behavior huh!

aybi said...

my eldest used to do this when she was younger, your tip is true, constant reminder can really help them to remove this kind of behavior.

Yen said...

Oh , Not a good habit if in their childhood will not be corrected.

TH said...

haha..remind me of pretty woman doing that in car as well.

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