Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Disturbing behavior part2

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After age one, thumbsucking turns into a psychological need or a learned habit, according to expert.
Generally, thumbsucking helps children cope with and adjust to a broadening environment. Some psychiatrist speculate that a strong attachment to the mother brings about thumbsucking. In some cases, it is thought to offer safety and comfort, like that of a mother substitute. Help your child overcome thumbsucking by calmly talking about it. Explain why he or she should stop the habit. Show your child what changes it may bring like gaps in between teeth or the wrinkled skin on the thumb. Make use of harmless peer pressure ( a child who plays in a grouo of non-thumbsucker would learn to gradually lose the habit). Try putting a band-aid on the thumb or a sock over his or her hand at night. Give an incentive each time he or she displays the behavior you want. Never ridicule your child. Be patient as it may take a long time before he or she overcomes this habit.
If your child continues to thumbsuck until preschool, don't worry. Study suggest that about 30 to 50 percent of preschoolers suck their thumbs. It usually disappears by age 4 to 5. Also, it does not pose a serious problem expect when the child sucks intensely, is older than five, or when he or she begins to grow the set of permanent teeth. Often times, children just find it hard to break the habit.

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Daisy said...

Oh sometimes these are the reasons why I'm kinda scared to have kids...

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