Friday, July 31, 2009

Life, life we make it... feel the real happiness

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If we're unhappy, its because life is not as we want it. Life is not matching our expectations of how it "ought" to be and so were unhappy.
So we say, I will be happy when.... Well, life is not perfect. Life is about being exhilarated, frustrated,sometimes achieving and sometimes missing out. So long as we say I will be happy when....., were deluding ourselves.
Each one of us has a decision to make ur life a real one..So?? we have so long on this planet. Lets make the most of it.
I think...In order to be happier, in order to get more out of life, U dont have to go and change the world,,coz the world is already beautiful
but rather..Change ur self!!
The world is not perfect. The degree of our unhappiness is the distance between the way things are and the way ought to be.If we cease to
demand that things be perfect, the business of being happy becomes easier...We will be happy anyway!! well the secret to be happy is....BE HAPPY :)

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Dazediva said...

That's a really nice post you have and a perfect way to start the morning for me :) I have been generally feeling a bit out of place for a weeks now and I know that things need fixing 'within' myself first .. and I think I am getting there :)

Do drop by my blog and check out this post which is related to what you have to say :)

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