Sunday, November 14, 2010

When stroke strikes

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Someone suffering from stroke may resemble a drunk person .  In severe cases, he may fall into unconsciousness.  If you suspect someone is having a stroke, get a medical help immediately.  While waiting for the help, and if the victim is conscious, lay the person down with the head and shoulders slightly raised ( use pillows or cushions) Lay the victim on the weak side so that the saliva can drain from the mouth.  Loosen clothing at the neck, chest, and waist.  If necessary, restore breathing by mouth to mouth resuscitation.  Assure the victim that help is on the way.  Do not offer anything to eat or drink.

If the victim becomes unconscious, put him in recovery position to prevent anything ( blood, saliva or tongue) from blocking the windpipe and choking the victim.  Careful roll the victim  to his stomach, the arm and leg on one side straight beside his body, the other arm and leg bent to prop up the upper and lower body.  Tilt the victim's chin back to straighten the throat.


Josie said...

I did encounter such situation, though it was my first time, I tried to remember the first aid I learned from school and from educational tv shows,even if only the basics like placing a spoon bet. the lips, to keep the air passage open and keep the person as comfortable as possible then we called the medics.

w0rkingAth0mE said...

very informative post, i learned this thing when i enrolled to caregiving class. I think everybody should learn this thing so they can act whenever this thing strikes on the family.

EihdraG said...

Also don't forget that there's a 3 hour window time for you to bring the person to the nearest hospital. Or else he might die. Thanks for this sis :)

Dhemz said...

very helpful and informative post sis...thanks for sharing!

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