Friday, November 19, 2010

Dealing with the picky eater

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A calm, reassuring manner is important in introducing new food to your child.  Remember, youngster thrive  on routine and are often resistant to change.  Never force a feeding.  Be content.  If your picky eater just goes for a taste on the first try.  maybe next time he will be adventurous enough to chew and swallow it.  If a child get used of eating  a certain food, then he will learn to like it usually, a little at a time.  Kids may have an unhealthy view of food when they grow older if parents make an issue out of finishing every meal.

Maximize every bite.  For example, substitute, white bread with whole wheat, junk food with fresh fruits.  Skip ice cream, cake, and other sweets especially near regular meal times, as these will only spoil their appetite.  And high amount of sugar don't really help in the development of your child.  It will just make him hyper.

Crispiness and color attract kids to food, and the more natural they are, the better.  Some veggies like carrots and celery can be eaten raw. Just chop it in cube so it won't run to the risk of choking.

Remember, that kids take their cue from their parents.  If you refuse to eat veggies, you can't expect them to eat theirs.  Be assured though that if you have good eating habits and eat often with your child, they, too, will acquire a taste for healthy foods..


Prasanna said...

Nice article. The last paragraph is very true. As a parent, you need to have good habits to inculcate them in your child and you have to eat with them so that they develop a taste for all tyoes of food.

Dhemz said...

awseome post sis...I need this one...eeehhehe! my 4-year old is a picky eater sometimes.

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