Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good thing about ice

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Do you like Iced Tea? It satisfied my thirst with lots of ice on it. Do you know that there are many uses of ice? This will ease the pain of those who are experiencing pain in different parts of the body. The best way to cool down an acute flare up is with ice. it will help reduce swelling and strain on your back muscles. You can put an ice pack on the pain site and massage the spot for seven to eight minutes. Do this for two to three days.

Use an ice pack to treat any injury that might lead to a bruise. The ice pack must be applied as quickly as possible following the injury and treatment continued for twenty four hours, if you suspect that the bump will likely to progress into a severe bruise. Apply it for fifteen minutes interval.  Don't apply heat between ice packs, instead let the skin warm it naturally.  Cooling constricts  the blood vessels, and that means less blood spills into the tissues to cause that big black splotch.  Cold pack can minimize the redness and swelling of the affected area. This won't hurt much  as the bruise left unchilled. After 24 hours, it is time to apply heat, on the area to dilate the blood vessels and improve the circulation.

One way to refresh tired feet is to wrap a few ice cubes in a cloth, then rub it the entire feet and ankles for a few minutes. Ice acts to relieve any inflammation and it serves as a mild anesthetic. Then dry your feet and apply some alcohol, cologne or vinegar (foul odor) for cooling and drying effect.


wintergurl said...

Thanks for the sharing . I just learned the benefit of the ice :) . But if we consume or take a lot of ice , it will cause our bones pain too . especially backbones

Dhemz said...

indeed! it definitely helps us...I used to use it when I have no need na...all my teeth are fixed.

w0rkingAth0mE said...

nice post, its really good especially on bruise!

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