Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Top dropper for the month of August

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Thank You Pictures, Images and Photos

Thank you to all my friends who been visiting this site.  I really appreciate! Its another month to struggle, hoping I'll see you again :)

My top Ten Dropper:

Dropper# of drops
Art Shout!31
The Ad Master31
Slightly Sarcastic31
Winesworld The Amateurs Wine Guide31
T-Shirt Reviews31
Urban Art Blog31
Singapore Playground30

I'm so sorry I was not able to drop EC for a couple of days, since my niece have been hospitalized because of Dengue fever.. As soon I am free I will blog hop.  Hope your weekdays are great!!!


sport tourism said...

Thanks for sharing this info but i am not in this list so their is a little disappointment.

Gee said...

I'm not in but still dropping. LOL! Hard to beat 31 drops. :)

The Last Seven Online said...

All my weekdays are great, but I'm disappointed for not being on this list! I am gonna be here next month... that is if I drop :)

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