Monday, September 6, 2010

Test Shot

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Generally the vaccines that we get as children protect us for the rest of our lives.  But immunity may fade over time, and age predisposes us to complications from common infections such as the flu and pneumonia.  Also , those who were never vaccinated to begin with should avail of new and effective vaccines.

Our government now have already implemented the free shot of H1N1 to all health center, my friend was able to have free shot of this. She is so thankful! You can inquire to your nearest health center, beware of health workers who exchange fees for administering the A(H1N1) vaccines. Vaccines against influenza, pneumococcal disease and hepatitis B, have reduced the rate of infection and deaths from this diseases.

    This shot protects against the influenza virus, which can cause chills, headache, sore throat, dry cough, runny nose and body malaise. This is common to among elderly and children who have an impact in climate change. The vaccine can be given year round.

     This vaccine protects against pnemococcal diseases that cause pneumonia ( a serious lung infection) , bacteremia  ( bacteria in the blood), and meningitis ( bacteria infection of the covering of the brain). Elderly in 65 years  and above , very young children and people with some special health problems have a greater risk.
Always consult the physician about this vaccine.

Measles , Mumps and Rubella
     This immunization (MMR) protects against measles, mumps and rubella ( German measles).   Women of childbearing age whose immunity to MMR is low, which can be determined by a blood test.  If your immunity is not up to par and youre considering pregnancy, you'll need a shot three months before conception. Women should avoid getting pregnant for four weeks after getting MMR vaccine. They should wait to get this immunization after they have given birth.

Hepatitis A
     This vaccine protects against hepatitis A, a liver infection. People who are working in food service, people with chronic liver infection, people who travel abroad, people whp wprk in the hospital, people who work in day care center and men who have sex with men, should have this vaccine.

Hepatitis B
     Protects against deadly liver disease. The vaccine is given to newly born baby. Those who always exposed in blood or blood products, especially the med tech or hospital workers. Men or women who have multiple partner.

Tetanus and Diphtheria booster
    This vaccine can protects you against diphtheria, a potentially fatal bacterial infection, and lockjaw, a paralysis of muscles of the neck and throat that is common in developing countries. You can have this every 10 years.

Varicella -  zoster
    This shot protects against chicken pox, a contagious viral infection that can be fatal to adults.

Parents can visit now for free vaccines to their health center.


josie said...

good thing they are distributing it before it expires.

spinninglovelydays said...

I heard about that on the news. Good thing, the vaccines can be given for free.

ian said...

local health centers have been giving free vaccines for the longest time. however, the vaccines government can give for free are the ones for kids one year and below and for the pregnant women. not all of the vaccines you mentioned in your article are available for free in health centers. only BCG, Diphtheria-Pertussis-Tetanus, Oral Polio Vaccine, Hepatitis B, and Measles vaccines are available for free for kids one yr and below. for women in reproductive age groups, tetanus toxoid is likewise given especially when they become pregnant. do visit your local health centers for more info.

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