Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby hair care

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By the sixth month in the womb, all the hair follicles and related oil glands are formed on the growing fetus  It is common for the fetus to have a very fine growth of hair on their heads.  This growth has been spotted on sonograms taken at this point in the pregnancy.  Sometimes, hair will also be present on the shoulders and back as well.

It is important to note that the fetus' hair is often a different color than what it will be later in life. Every babies  born with a delicate, downy head of hair.  This newborn fuzz will  only last for four months after birth  It will gradually fall out and new hair grows  which is generally much fuller and tends to grow in a set pattern.

Sometimes babies are born with no hair at all. The majority of babies do tend to have at least a soft downy covering.   Since baby have no hair for their year, usually there is no hair care at all.

The care of baby hair is relatively simple  Just shampoo the baby as needed. Keep very gentle to shampoo.  Don't put pressure on the soft spot on baby's head.  Baby's below five months have a sensitive soft spot on their head.  Just shampoo them in a slow but gentle techniques to avoid the pressure on the scalp. Keep the hair neatly trimmed to keep it out of the baby's eyes and ears  and to prevent unnecessary tangling  You can either trim the baby's hair yourself.


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thanks silvergirl, i have learned it also my little girl in the womb of my wife having hair at six months. now she is in my own avatar.

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