Friday, September 10, 2010

You don't have to go through Menopause alone...

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Facing the realities of menopause can be most difficult.  The changes are inevitable; insomnia, depression, hot flushes, mood swing, painful urination, to name a few. While the menopause years means coping with these changes, going through this special stage in a woman's life need not be lonely.

Getting the support and understanding of family and friends can make the whole world difference.
My friend is in the early stage of menopause, but she don't want to accept it, she is afraid of the physical changes. She is scared not to do her responsibility of being a wife, so she deny it. But there are already some signs of early menopause. She don't open this topic to her husband. Even though I keep reminding her, I'm there for her, to support. 

Because once you are aware of the menopause need not to put your life to hold, that there is something you can do about it.  Then you are on way to enjoying a more fruitful and rewarding life.

After all, the menopause years can mark the beginning of the best years of life.

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