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Nurturing yourself during pregnancy

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     The gist of nurturing yourself  during pregnancy is treating yourself as if you were in the womb.  Believing you have the right to be cared for by others, to be supported.  Understanding how frightening and exhilarating it can be to open yourself to the new identity growing inside you, the identity as you as a mother.  Grasping that your're in the midst of one of the biggest life transitions you will never experience, and at the end of this transformation, you are going to be called upon to do more giving than you have ever have, and for an extended period of time ( motherhood is about endurance.  

     If you're not good to yourself now, if you don't  take time to replenish and enjoy yourself, how are you going to do it after the baby arrives?  For veteran moms, it is already difficult to find time for yourself.  But it is going to be exponentially more difficult after you add your new baby to your life's equation.  So although you feel you should be putting all your focus on helping your baby adjust, some time and attention needs to be given to you, too. 

     What to do.

     Loll in bed.  Go to three movies in a row.  Read a lots of books. Do only what you want as much as possible.  Celebrate your freedom.  This maybe your last time for many years (gulp).  So repeat this phrases to yourself as many times as you can.  Take it easy.  Enjoy this time; it may never come again.  Write this words down and carry them in your purse or bag.  It helps to be reminded.

     Talk to other pregnant women regularly.  It is a huge comfort.  Find a pregnancy ( and later mothering) mentor- a woman who has gone before you who has gone before you who can help you keep your perspective and perhaps your sense of humor.  This can be particularly comforting for single moms and mothers trying to calculate the logistic combining day care and work schedules.

     Don't hesitate to ask question to any member of the family.

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Marms said...

I am going to be a mom soon. And I understand that there are gonna be limitations in social life. I am going to miss it but I have to face that motherhood is already around the corner.


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