Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Music on the womb

Best Blogger Tips      Fetuses can hear and respond to stimuli while they are still in the womb.  But what does this mean for their future?

     In a research a doctor played recorded music to unborn babies through high fedility stereo earphones placed on their mothers' abdomens. He later visited with the children regularly after birth and found out that, within eight months, some of these could imitate melodies of two or three notes.

     You can see in all tv advertisement, that some kids in their toddler age have this gifted talent. There are some remarkable was the ability of some children to pick out , at two years old of age, simple tunes with one finger on the piano.  Most young children bang randomly on keyboards.

   Early and pre natal exposure to music has a positive effect- not  just on musical aptitude.  Areas as diverse as problem solving, risk taking, and creativity have been found to be enriched by prenatal music experiences.

     But pregnant mothers don't have to constantly press a high tech device to their abdomen to keep their unborn babies stimulated.  The traditional way- singing softly to the baby in your womb- may well be the best way to create a healthy baby..

    I am suggesting to all mother who are in their 6 weeks of pregnancy to start singing, reading and talking  while touching their womb. It's not too late to have a gifted child :)


kayeshayne said...

hi sis! yes tama ka dyan... i did that when i was pregnant... and totoo talaga yan... ngayon sobrang blessed ako cause of daughter's amazing God gifted talent.

The Fitness Diva said...

I think that most things you do affect the baby in the womb. Like, if you are constantly stressed or arguing while pregnant, the baby comes out very fussy and irritable. I've seen it.
The concept of playing music for the baby is a good one. It is also said to help develop a better aptitude for math in some children.
Sounds good enough to me! ;)

ethanINOSENTE said...

I totally agree with fitness diva. It is a proven fact already. In addition, emotional hormones produce by the mother (whether she's happy or stressed)crosses the placenta and the umbilical cord which totally affects the maturation of the baby

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