Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Break the marlboro's back

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  It takes two to quit.  Quitting smoking is tough.  Statistics show that between sixty and ninety percent of men who try to kick the habit start puffing again in less than a year.  But there are study now that if you can stay away from cigarette for twenty four months, you're nearly home free.  Smokers who give up cigarettes for at least two years have less than a four percent chance of relapsing.


     Don't drink coffee or coke if you take creatine supplements; the drinks may negate the benefits you're after. Creatine has been shown to boost lean body mass improve athletic performance.  But small amount of caffeine almost completely block the benefits of creatine.

     This substances after the calcium levels in the body. While creatine makes more calcium available to muscles- improving their ability to flex, contract and grow- caffeine appears to have opposite, and stronger, effect of limiting calcium availability.


Witchie said...

OOOH! I must be outside the statistics, lol, I quit for 3 years and started back up again, ugh! Maybe that's just for men. LOL HAGD!

Metallman said...

Hey there Silvergirl,

Good thing I don't smoke. I always thought of it as a bad habit and would completely turn me off if I saw a woman smoking. As for the creatine and coffee... I didn't know that! I'll keep that in mind when I continue my workouts! Thanks!

Momsy Katsy said...

I haven't smoked ciggies in 2 years and exactly 5 months tomorrow :) Yipeee!!

Have a good day! (and I grabbed your badge btw)

The Fitness Diva said...

It really is one of the hardest habits to break! I started smoking in high school, trying to be 'cool', like the rest of my friends at the time.
Took forever to break that habit! I had to quit about six times before finally getting it right!

InspirationsUnlimited said...

I could testify how harsh cigarette smoking is to the health.

My uncle died because of heart failure, due to lung complications mainly because of cigarette smoking. He tried to stop before, and I saw his health greatly improved, however, he started smoking again. There came the problem. :(

Blogger said...

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