Thursday, June 11, 2009

Signs of postpartum depression

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Postpartum depression is a major depressive edpisode following the delivery of a child. The length of the postpartum period for risk of depression varies, but the greatest risk is within the first one to three months after delivery. This is especially vulnerable period; woman need to be especially vigilant during this time. Any woman who has had a baby in the last year may experience:
  • nervousness, anxiety, panic
  • sluggishness, fatigue, exhaustion
  • sadness, depression, hopelessness
  • appetite and sleep disturbances
  • poor concentration, confusion, memory loss
  • excessive concern for the baby
  • uncontrolled crying, irritability
  • lack of interest in the baby
  • guilt, inadequacy, worthlessness
  • fear of harming the baby an/ or urself
  • lack of interest in sex
All of the symptoms are treatable with support and professional help, according to the mental health infosource. Recognizing postpartum depression not only alleviates illness and suffering in the mother, but also prevents secondary effects on the growth and development of the infant.

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