Monday, June 29, 2009

First payment from Entrecard

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Was so happy when i login on my paypal account that i got a refund!!
Im not a good dropper, coz of this maybe i will take more time on dropping some EC.
This site is awesome!!
Thanks for the payment!!



hopeful said...

Congrats for this. I'm still waiting for my payment. I cashed out 3 weeks ago but until now not yet paid. Do you accept ec ads? because maybe that could be the reason.

Zhys said...


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online writer said...

hi.congrats on your long did it take for Entrecard to approve your cashout request?

shaine said...

Yah hopeful, maybe if you accept a paid ads.
I'm not paid yet also, I'll check my ec cashout to see what's going on...

anisha said...

Nice that you have been paid by entrecard.I am accepting paid adds ,also publicising entrecard ,but still waiting for payment since 3 weeks.I have cashed out in june and waiting for payment in july still.hope I also recive it within short period,
I think there is no need to disallow paid adds as if entrecard will generate money then only it will be able to pay us,

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