Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The role of mother

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Motherhood as i see it is a calling and a vocation from God. But like all gifts, we have a choice of appreciating it, accepting it, and cherishing the responsibilities and joys it brings or considering it an encumbrance and just a duty or even burden. Our attitude must be examined. motherhood begins at conception (as does fatherhood), and so, to ensure that the unborn child is healthy, parents need to live healthy lives avoiding anything that may harm themselves and the unborn child. Motherhood, therefore, demands a sense of responsibility throughout, and how we carry out our responsibilities towards our children would naturally vary according to circumstances.

Motherhood is demanding, especially if the mother has to work outside the home. But it is not impossible to be an effective, caring parent so long as we get our day organized and gear our children also into a routine or pattern. While we need to ensure that the father also plays his role and that we get his help and support, mother should not abrogate their responsibilities just because they also bring home a paycheck. We need to cut down non essential activities to make time and space for the role of mothers. We need to learn how to relax with our children so that we do not get stressed out. What better way then to enjoy them even while we care for them and their needs? Relax together!!

Children understand selfless love, devotion, and meaningful discipline. When this communicated in a loving and consistent manner by mother to child, all the other imperfections will seem comparatively unimportant.

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