Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ways to destroy yourself...

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There are seven deadly sins, but generally some of it will make us drown and die.  Wrath.  Anger is human, it is normal and is not a sin.  If someone bumps you at school, anger is acceptable, because you are hurt. It is a human reaction, and it will just fade, after he will say sorry.  Wrath is a decision one makes to constantly get angry.  Year later, someone bumped you along the way, you're still cunning how to bump him back. Somehow, we even feel glad that someone bumped , because that gives us reason to vent our anger. Wrath destroy us. You make your self miserable because you are trapped in anger.

Lust is nothing to do with our sexuality or sexual desire- which are all beautifully God designed  and God created.  Lust is not the automatic sexual desire when a guy see a girl in a plunging neckline and in micro mini. That's normal. Sexual fantasies and masturbation can become a full blown addiction that can last until you are as old as a bearded mountain goat. Avoid them.  Believed me, I have read some article, men/women are trapped in sexual addiction.  You are not made to lust. We are made to love in purity.

Gluttony- When we eat pizza and hamburger and those fatty foods, we don't know that there is still tomorrow, we consumed those foods more than what our body needs.  And that sense we destroy our health.  We don't really love ourselves.  Gluttons are escapist, running away from problems by eating their life away.  Instead of facing up to swallowing fears, or anger, or worries, they just swallow a triple decker chocolate cake, tons of junk foods, pizzas and a lot more. You can divert this being gluttony by doing more recreational such as listening music, chatting and surfing, or reading some books. We are made to have healthy self control not to be gluttony.

Greed- When money and material things become more important than love, than people, than ourselves, than God, we fall into greed. Greed happen when we insist, demand, beg and manipulate that our parents buy stuff for you that you know they can't afford.  Sometimes greed happens when parents work too long and too hard to pay for a fancier car and bigger home- that will end up not spending their quality time with the kids. Money can be beautiful with greed.  Money can be the roots of all evil when greed comes into the picture. So be generous!

If greed puts thing on the throne, envy puts the lack of thing on the throne. If we see others that have something you have been dreaming of, you try to be envy with her. Just be contented of what you have now. You can get it when you can afford to buy something for you.  Envy blinds you from seeing all the blessings that you have. Be thankful of what you have  now!

Laziness- is not just about not cleaning you room or doing your homework. Those are just symptoms.  We can say that laziness is about not loving yourself. Life is beautiful. Life is glorious, that everyday we have a blessings from above.  if you dont see that, you get lazy in your spirit. You lose meaning in life.

Pride-  the sin of pride is not healthy self esteem- of enjoying yourself. This will steal in our life when  there is so much joy and love in our lives.

Live for your life.. just don't exist!
Be yourself..


Dorothy L said...

This is truly an amazing post...I have tweeted it as it should be shared~

Cedngasngu said...

I love the seven sins, I commit every bit of them, we are humans, we cannot say we never commited one of these in our lives,

thanks for visiting ;D

spinninglovelydays said...

Very insightful post :)
Spinning Lovely Days

Free Money Maker said...

I have enter my url but don't know whether it will last or tomorrow I will see blank area again.Thanks anyway D:

long lab coat said...

I think the best way to destroy yourself is making yourself angry as always. LOL

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