Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stress of baby

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Sometimes, when we see children laughing and playing, it is difficult to believe that kids also experience stress.  In fact in common misconception that children do not have a single worry in the world.  Nothing could be farther than the truth.  Children also experience stress in varying types and degrees.

Unfortunately, depending upon the child and the source of stress,  too much stress could produce a detrimental effects upon the child's development. It is  only though the loving support of family, relatives and friends that a child can develop the necessary skills and coping mechanism to deal with stress.

Dealing with stranger and unfamiliar surroundings, separation from parents and sudden loud noises and movements.  This is just example of stress a child can encounter, while they are still a baby.

For young children and pre adolescent, the stresses that they could experience are overhearing parent's fighting, family financial troubles change of residence.

There are stress that a child will experience that it traumatize them are divorce of parents, serious illness, or death of a parent, home destroyed by a natural disaster, and physical and sexual abuse..


Seema Lekhwani said...

Thanks for reminding that parents themselves can be a source of stress for their own child.

Vickie Heully said...

Thank you for sharing that. I remember all too well the stresses I experiences as a child. It's one of my goals as a parent to make sure my own children don't have to deal with some of those things.

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