Saturday, October 30, 2010

My cousin name

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When my aunt get married she rent a house near with us. Since she and my mother are the only sibling staying close here in my  hometown, other sibling is far away. When aunt is pregnant, we are all excited  about the baby, we don't know yet if it is a boy or girl.  Way back 80's there is no ultra sound near in our place, I dunno if it has already, I was still in my high school year. My other cousins and aunt contribute names for a boy or girl baby. They name it after their grandmother and grandfather, they combine the name of such person, and my aunt is so dizzy and confused with the name they mention. My aunt from US, give us some unique child names and everybody like it. Cousins  save some names and they will name it for their coming baby :)


kat said...

off topic...

hi sis, yeah i sent email to Enjoy Life pero walang reply...wala ding update sa blog nya...baka may trouble lang sya.

Josie said...

I did the same, all my children's name are a combination on mine and hubby's but we did it in such a way that is contemporary. :) seems we can't let go of our own name. lol..

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