Monday, August 23, 2010

Kids are sick

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My apology for not visiting your site, I was not able to login and posting here. My 2 kids are sick :( My second daughter have an asthma again. She is an asthmatic since she was born, after 8 years in her life, asthma gone!! ( thanks) It was back last summer, when she had a summer class, the weather makes her asthma irritated.  Because of cough, asthma developed, so she is in medication for 7 days.. And my youngest daughter have high fever for 1 day with 40 degree Celsius. When she has fever she always have this temperature. Since dengue is rampant here, I have to let her platelet monitor, the good news is her platelet is in normal range level.  They are all ok, they are back at school now!!
 So I can visit you again!!
 Happy MOnday to all


jellybelly said...

Dengue season in the Philippines is really scary. I'm being OC in applying mosquito repellant on the daughter :)

_el@i_ said...

it really sucks when the kids are sick. anyway, im glad they are okay now. and you're back as well ;)

FreeMoneyMaker said...

Hope your kids are getting recover.asthma is really a serious disease,hope you are taking specialist care.Thanks for voting,have a nice day and take care of your kids.get well soon.

Coast guard gifts said...

Kids will be kids, my 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter are the same way. You just need to keep them occupied with coloring books or games while in the car.

Coast guard gifts said...

Ya know, I wonder just how many things my ma couldn't enjoy because I needed something, or wasn't having a good time. a---- daughters, call and thank yer moms!

Coast guard gifts said...

Thanks for voting,have a nice day and take care of your kids.get well soon.

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