Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The test that saves LIVES

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http://static.open.salon.com/files/ovarian_cancer_ribbon1236778886.jpgOvarian cancer is known as the silent killer.  There are no early warning signs and by the time symptoms such as swelling and abdominal pain become apparent, the cancer will have usually spread the outlook is poor.  More than half the women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will die within five years.  The key to improving these survival rates is early detection, before the tumor has spread outside the ovary.  A special blood test may be the answer.  the blood test measures the levels of CA125, a protein that occurs naturally in the blood.  When ovarian cancer first starts to develop, the level of CA125 rises.  Regular blood tests will help spot this change early, prompting doctors to investigate further using technique such as ultrasound.

However, the test is not infallible.  Other medical conditions such as endometriosis, benign tumors, and infections can cause the levels of CA125 to rise.  Another problems is that only 70 percent of ovarian tumors increase CA125 levels.  I have read that scientists are working hard about the accuracy of the test.


Evergreen Thoughts said...

Really this type of cancer symptoms realizes after 2 nd or 3rd stage.Nice sharing of information.


Express yourself said...

Its Really interesting to know about cancer. Take preventive action in earlier stages is only solution for this.


winter gurl said...

why women risks of killer cancer .....breast ....ovarian and etc ...women suffer a lot than man ...they have to give birth ,working .....and take care the family .

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