Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Make Money Blogging Giveaways

Best Blogger Tips

Heidi  of Little People Wealth has come up with a series of blogs giveaway – blogs that will help us on how to make money blogging

All the giveaways will be for advertising for your blog, and boosting your traffic. She is giving away:
  • One blog will win one month of advertising with an Adgitize coupon gift certificate. I get an average of 70 visits per day from Adgitize advertising and you can also earn money by advertising for them. It is a good way to help get your blog noticed. The winner will need a 125 x 125 button to use for the advertisement (I will explain how to get one in the design part of the series).
  • Two blogs will win 500 Entrecard Credits (each) to be used to advertise on other blogs. You will need to have an Entrecard account to use these. You can use your own 125 x 125 button or make one at Entrecard.
  • Three blogs will win the opportunity to be a featured blog on Little People Wealth. You will get one month of advertising in the sidebar plus a post written just about you and your blog! This has a $90 value.
  • Three blogs will win one month of advertising in the sidebar of Little People Wealth. This has a $40 value.
  • Four blogs will win one month of advertising in the sidebar of Budget a Wedding, a blog about how to save money while still having the wedding of your dreams. This has a $20 value.
For more details please visit her blog


Paul Germana said...

Today I read a guy talking about why we shouldn't blog and how it's too much work and on and on and on. It was ridiculous. People who don't want to post, or get interactive with other blogs will likely not make money blogging, but I lay out exactly how to do it, building your list by maximizing your social networks, using them all simultaneously. It is simple and powerful.

Blogger said...

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