Monday, June 21, 2010

8 Things you should know about depression

Best Blogger Tips easy to treat.  A combination of psychotherapy and medication is effective for 85 percent of patients diagnosed with major depression.  Treatment usually takes from four to fives months.  However, those with bipolar disorder or manic depressives, will probably need to stay on medication to control their mood swings.

More than half of alcohol or substances abusers are clinically depressed. 

Physical  Illnesses like stroke, heart disease, cancer and diabetes, certain medication (antihypertensive drugs), and even certain vitamin deficiencies can raise the risk factors of depression.  A good doctor will conduct a thorough physical check up and a renew of family history of health problems to determine whether such factors involved.

 Depression is tough to spot because some of its symptoms also occur in other illnesses.  For instance, neorological disorders, Parkinsons and Alzheimer's disease maybe  at the root of loss of interest or memory which depressives manifest.  Again, a good diagnosis must be sought to rule out other diseases.

 Exercise is highly recommended for those suffering depression.  Not only does it allwviate symptoms, example elevates mood relives anxiety, improves appetite, sleep, sexual functioning, and self esteem, it also helps normalize the chemical imbalances in the brain linked to depression.

 Some studies show a significant positive correlation between intelligence and likelihood of depression.  Possible explanation is that those higher intelligence are bettr at creating or imagining negative options, possibilities, outcomes,etc.

married people and those in ongoing intimate relationships have lower rate of clinical depression than those living alone.  But unhappy married people have highest rates.

 Mothers are less likely to suffer severe depression because their relationshiop with their children shields them from emotional damage.

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