Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stop obsessing

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Constantly thinking of your guy or ex keeps you from enjoying anything else. You can take control. Best of times if you keep replaying happy memories like a great kiss, you're
probably worried that things won't ever be that perfect again with him or any other guy. Worst of times if you keep replaying a bad memory like fight, you're probably worried it was your all fault or that you could have handled the situation better . So what are you waiting for? Stop it!!
Create a plan - each night, list everything you're doing the next day. Pack your schedule with after school activities or Saturday with no office works better stick to it! keeping your mind busy won;t give your love tape time to play and it will give you time to move on.
Keeping a journal-get a journal and write all the good things that happen to you each day. If someone greets you or if you make a good deeds. write it down! This will make your thoughts away from your love tape and back to today, where they belong.
Taking charge- when the memories do pop up, tell yourself, the past is in the past, but moving forward. Then go back to what you were doing. Even if you have to do this every two minutes, keep at it. It will condition your mind to focus on the future.
Looking ahead- start a new activity, like getting a job ( you'll stay busy, meet new people, and earn cash!) Accomplishing things will remind you that even though you can't go back in time, you can do things now to make your future better than happier.

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spinninglovelydays said...

lol, this post hit the spot with me. I don't obsess about my husband although he's awesome, but when I get a new crush (just on celebrities), I can waste a lot of time (instead of working) online. Like for the past days I've been cyberstalking Anderson Cooper. And, yeah, I accomplished zilch from the things I have to do.

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