Sunday, January 24, 2010


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Are you a fanatic of tennis shoes? My eldest daughter does it!.Last time my daughter shop for Adidas shoes in the mall, she already pick the best for her. She save her allowance and after a week she bought it! Once she likes something she will save for it. She don't ask from me.

She bought it for P3999.00 ($87). Do you think its a huge money for the shoes only? When I saw it, I said goshhhh!! this is a lot of money. She told me, common mom I don't ask anything from you, I know you will shock :P She has her point : LOL
She really likes it, and she's happy for it. Anyway it's from her pocket. But lately I like it too :)

I try to surf in internet and I found out that the price varies and its shipping. In ebay it is $64.48 plus the international shipping of $40. It cost much more than here.


David DeWall said...

Well, the shoes are nice, but I think it's a lot of money, too. But your daughter saved her money for them, and she likes them, so that's what matters. Me, I just wear flip flops/slippers now that I'm in the Philippines. I'm too cheap!

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