Thursday, December 3, 2009

Executive training

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As men reach their 30s, a funny thing starts to happen to their metabolism-it slows down. For those who spent their teens and 20s eating everything in sight, rarely working out and never worrying about gaining weight. A couple of donuts in the morning, greasy fast food for lunch, mid-day candy bar, and full-on dinners were just a way of life. Now, however, following a diet like that accounts for that extra notch (or two) in a belt that used to fit so perfectly.

Other than buying a new belt, what can a busy male executive do to retain the fitness level he has enjoyed up to now? The answer is encouraging, as there is plenty that can be done. But the reality is, finding enough time to workout and keep healthy in this hustle and bustle world is challenging as predicting what the tumultuous stock market will do on any given day.


TheEclecticElement said...

I think all woman agree with me when they say 'damn you' to those guys who can eat everything in sight! LOL
We would do the same thing if it werent for the fact that it goes straight to our butts, thighs, and stomach.
This makes me feel better that they'll get their comupance in due time :)

sydney wedding venues said...

I've never heard of an "account executive training course," but it is generally thought that marketing degrees were the appropriate training for those pursuing the account management path in advertising agencies, while those going into the media path would get advertising degrees.

sydney wedding venues said...

Two-year community colleges usually have lots of classes beyond keyboarding and Microsoft Office, but are still geared toward office occupations. They also offer AA degrees in Business, Marketing, etc. Beyond that would be 4-year universities, which offer bachelors in business, etc. Universities usually have extension courses, too, that offer classes for working people who are already employed in a particular field.

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