Monday, April 27, 2009

Papsmears Test

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Cervical cancer ( cancer of the cervix) is one of the easiest cancers to cure if it's detected early enough. a pap smear test is a quick and painless procedure that is used to check for precancerous or cancerous cells on the cervix. Doctors aren't in total agreement about how often women should have this test done, so ask your physician for his recommendations. In guideline, you should have an initial smear test at age 18 or as soon as you become sexually active. Subsequent smear test should be performed at least every three years.
After three consecutive normal Pap tests, your doctor may recommend less frequent testing. If you've had a total hysterectomy for benign disease, routine Pap tests may no longer be necessary. Women at high risk for cervical cancer should have more frequent testing.
You are at high risk it:
  • you began sexual activity as teenager, especially if you had multiple sexual partners.
  • you currently have more than one partner.
  • you have a history of sexually transmitted disease.
  • you have history of abnormal pap smear test or malignant/premalignant diagnoses.
  • you smoke.

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